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Final Fantasy X Vita listed at [Update]
posted on 10.19.11 at 03:05 PM EST by (@salromano)
Overseas release confirmed?

Final Fantasy X was announced for a Japanese release on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita during Sony’s Tokyo Game Show press conference last month. The PlayStation Vita version, at least, is coming overseas, if an listing is any indication.

The listing sets the remake at the standard $39.99 Vita game price point.

We’ll mail Square and see if this means confirmation of an overseas release. And if so, if it means we won’t see the PlayStation 3 version.

Update next day 5:50pm: Square Enix has responded to our inquiry, labeling the listing as a mistake on Amazon’s part.

“This link was put up by mistake and we’re working with Amazon to take it down as the information is misleading,” a Square Enix representative told us. “While general information about the title was shown at TGS, we have not announced any details on timing and availability—across all regions. As soon as that info becomes available, we’ll be sure to share that with you.”

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  • LovesJapanManga

    I am quite pleased with the way how this news turned out for Final Fantasy X for Playstation Vita! However, remember this: We shall take a grain of salt for now until confirmed otherwise. Still an excellent news to lightened up our days!

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    As a SquareEnix Sheep due to my being a fan since Square was SquareSoft……I will be buying both versions of this to go along with my PS2 version.

    baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…….nom nom nom

  • talesoffan

    PS3 version for me.

  • hush404

    I umm, assumed it was coming out of Japan anyways. You’d have a lot of angry gamers had it not.

    • Sal Romano

      @hush404: I figured so, too. But considering Square’s yet to confirm FF Type-0 for an overseas release, you could never be too cautious. And the fact that the PS3 version isn’t listed as well is also a concern.

      • hush404

        @Sal Romano: Yeah… very true… with games anything can happen I suppose (Valkyria Chronicles 3 not leaving japan) but I’m hoping both FF Type-0 and FFX remake/whatever it is, gets to us non japanese gamers.

        It just seems so odd that such mammoth projects, that I’m sure will sell quite well in the rest of the world would even be considered as a project that wouldn’t venture outside of Japan. Gaming is so global these days… to just up and deny some regions the content seems alien to me. I wonder if digital distribution will help that any? I heard murmurs from Sega that maybe a digital version of VC3 could be done in the future, but that a physical copy wouldn’t be making it out of Japan :S. Heck, even if they were to release an english subtitle download, I’m sure people wouldn’t mind importing :P

        • anime10121

          @hush404: 2 words- PSP Piracy! Solves the problem why Type 0 and Valkyrie Chronicles 3 arent arriving in their current forms, although both companies are said to be currently investigating other release methods. More than likely releases on Vita or even maybe the 3DS(since they both have the exact same button count/layout.

          • hush404

            @anime10121: Yeah, sadly that makes a lot of sense. I’m hoping for a Vita release… as I’ve got no plans on picking up a DS and would love to have a go at VC3 and I need to play Type-0 :P

  • TheDarkCloud

    I whant Versus.

    Stop making DLC, please focus your energy in finish Versus.

    I really whant that game.

    Good to see FFX on PSVita.

  • narutomaki

    I just want to see an image of the remake, to see how much better it’ll look

  • FinalFantasy_fangirl

    I’ll probably pick up both depending on when I buy a vita. Im craving the ps3 version! FF8 is my favorite in the series but X has the best story.

    Hey Sal of all the great characters of FFX you chose Wakka? (~_^)

  • captainhowdy

    I loved every character from Final Fantasy X, they all had something unique about them. Best in the franchise.

  • zakou

    =. = everyone forgets “Europe” lol i rather see this game come to EU rather than US xD everyone in us owns xbox and most rpgs sell more in the EU/PS anyways :P

  • Azure’Sora

    Gettin it for vita and ps3!

  • FaithlessMr

    A Final Fantasy title on both a console and a handheld being released overseas?

    On other news, the sky is blue


    Yes I know, nothing is for certain until it’s officially confirmed, but it’s Final Fantasy X, there was no reason for the game not to be released in here anyway. Type-0 is a new IP, with tons of voice work (that means actually getting voice actors and paying them to read all the lines), translating everything, and actually considering an alternative because unfortunately atm releasing a psp title in the west, with the Vita just around the corner is plain suicide (although I’d love a simultaneous release, I want dat weird 2 umd disc case on my psp game collection).

    FF X should be no more than a graphical uplift anyway, and if they keep all the voice work from the original (inb4 oh teh noez, laughing cutscene), it shouldn’t be that hard of a process and it also shouldn’t be that expensive to bring the game over.

    If it were something quite niche, I’d be unsure about it’s localization; it’s FF so I was sure of this from the very moment it was announced.

  • Sal Romano

    Updated the post with our response from Squeenix.