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Activision announces open-world Amazing Spider-Man for 2012
posted on 10.16.11 at 12:13 PM EST by (@salromano)
Latest Spider-Man continues story of 2012 film.

The latest Spider-Man video game was announced at the New York Comic-Con today. The Amazing Spider-Man, based on the 2012 movie, is an open-world web-slinger in development at Beenox.

Speaking at the convention, Activision producer Doug Hede admitted Beenox’s track record has been mixed, with Spider-Man: Edge of Time receiving a 60 average on Metacritic. Due to The Amazing Spider-Man‘s lengthy development time, he promises its turnout will be a different one.

According to Beenox creative director Gerard Lehiany, the game’s been in development for over a year. Beenox has two teams–while one was working on Edge of Time, the other was working on today’s announcement.

The game is planned for a summer 2012 release, most likely near the movie’s June 3 release date. It will continue the story of the film.

The trailer shows a more realistic Spider-Man swinging freely through New York City. It earned high-praise by fans at the show. Watch it here (off-screen, for now).

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  • this time ,,So Awesome More & More

  • Batman has a original game, but Spider only adaptations from movies (Crap early remake)

  • This is weird, I was only thinking this morning that It’s about time for a new Spider Man game! Psychic powers?

  • punkmike

    Batman this. Spidey that! How about making a deadpool game?

    • KingdomPersona

      @punkmike: I know right he need his own game he getting his own movie soon so just where the game lol :P

  • captainhowdy

    Blade and Spawn is where it’s at.