Tales of Innocence R debut trailer - Gematsu
Tales of Innocence R debut trailer
posted on 09.14.11 at 10:06 PM EST by (@salromano)
Tales comes to PlayStation Vita.

The debut trailer for Tales of Innocence R, Namco Bandai’s upcoming re-imagining of DS’s Tales of Innocence, has gone live. Clearly, the game’s been given something of a big upgrade.

Watch the trailer here.

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  • Revorse

    Hmm, havent really heard too much about Innocence, R or otherwise, but it looks like it’d have the standard Tales goodies.

    • Genesis

      @Revorse: It was just announced lol but it was originally on the DS

  • FinalFantasy_fangirl

    I hope its released outside of japan.

  • Genesis

    very wonderful trailer!

  • Schtolteheim Reinbach III

    wow good launch titles for the Vita, gets me excited, now let’s start saving for this new toy, I’m just wondering if any of this titles, specially the Tales make it in NA… :( *fingers crossed*

  • that awesome can’t wait at vita & psp & ps3

  • Zero

    As always, watching these Tales of trailer is like self torture. Regardless of the system, I’m pretty much loading a gun and shooting myself in the foot each time I watch one.

    Inner thoughts- This looks amazing! … I probably won’t ever get to play it… Damn…

    I’d try and learn more Japanese if I had the time, perhaps that’s what Namco-Bandai expects me to do.

    • Sal Romano

      @Zero: =O

      They’re trying to educate us! That was their plan all along!

  • TalesOf_STI

    looks lovely.. i hope the Vita does good.. it seems like a awesome machine.. can’t wait till any tales game is released on it stateside :D

  • whiteferrero

    Ange Ange Ange Ange Ange Ange !