Shane Bettenhausen leaves Ignition Entertainment - Gematsu
Shane Bettenhausen leaves Ignition Entertainment
posted on 09.09.11 at 11:43 PM EST by (@salromano)
"Onwards to a new future!"

Shane Bettenhausen, all around cool guy and appreciator of awesome things, is leaving his post as director of PR and new business development at Ignition Entertainment.

He wrote on Twitter today: “bittersweet feeling as i take off to celebrate my last day here at UTV Ignition Games with some drinks… onwards to a new future!”

Whatever that future may be, we wish it be a bright one.

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  • Mech4Life

    Jumping off the sinking ship.

  • Sal Romano

    This post needs more comments.

    Shane has been incredibly helpful to Gematsu. We’ve grouped on few occasions, most of the time over El Shaddai. Hoping wherever he goes next awaits him with greater opportunity.

  • I loved him at 1up and hearing him on podcasts. I really wonder were he will go now. He is a great voice to interesting to because he is very vocal and has lots to say.

  • narutomaki

    I like ignition but yea, it’s not doing so hot

  • Kobracon

    Best of luck to him! He was awesome in the 1Up Show (god I miss that show) so I hope he gets more awesome jobs!

  • Ill admit I never saw/heard the 1up show with him, but I do enjoy Ignitions games and it’s sad that he is leaving the company. Best of luck getting that new, awesome job that you deserve!

  • Zohar127

    Maybe he’ll end up at Giantbomb.

  • stubbleman

    As much as I appreciated seeing him in the trenches of PR, I would be tickled pink to see him in a job that makes better use of his encyclopedic knowledge of video games. I hope he’s got a good job lined up. He certainly deserves it.