Rumor: Monster Hunter 3DS, Yoshi, more at Nintendo September event
posted on 09.06.11 at 03:30 PM EST by (@salromano)
Get your Four Swords release date, too.

Nintendo’s September 13 3DS press conference will be packed with exciting announcements, if a new round of supposed leaks are to be believed.

Presumably posted first on 2ch and picked up by Hachimaki, the rumors claim Monster Hunter, Ace Attorney, and more are coming to the platform. Here’s the list of loose talk:

Note: Our initial posting had a couple mistranslations. We’ve corrected and fixed up the list below:

  • New Monster Hunter exclusively for 3DS with support for online play.
  • New Yoshi horizontal side-scroller from Kirby’s Epic Yarn developer Good-Feel.
  • New game from the WarioWare developer.
  • New Etrian Odyssey.
  • Hatsune Miku 3DS, with all the songs from Project DIVA and its sequel.
  • DS’s The Silver Case, from Grasshopper Manufacture, has been moved to 3DS.
  • eShop demo announcement. Super Mario Land 3D will have a demo.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords release date announcement for eShop. It will be free.
  • The latest project from Alchemist, developer of Umineko, for 3DS.
  • A fifth Ace Attorney, including an Edgeworth scenario.
  • Multiplatform God Eater for 3DS and PlayStation Vita.

Additionally, a post on 4chan claims the event will see the announcements of Monster Hunter Tri G, Mach Rider Unchained, and Baiten Kaitos: Silence of a Mechanized Son for 3DS. The latter announcement wouldn’t be entirely hard to believe.

Of course, and as always, take both sets of rumors with a grain of salt. September 13 is six days away.

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  • I would assume that a Monster Hunter game will be on the Vita as well considering its success as a franchise and its success on the PSP. I at least hope. I want the Vita to do incredibly well.

    I would be excited for a new Yoshi title!

  • FaithlessMr

    Rumours from 2ch and 4chan? Well, those usually go both ways. I’ve seen some actually being true, and others being just a kick in the teeth.

    Now, this one here…

    “Baiten Kaitos: Silence of a Mechanized Son”

    Would better be true. More of a reason for me to jump right away to the 3DS bandwagon.

    • FaithlessMr

      EDIT: Sorry, for some weird reason it seems I doubleposted…my bad :/ Please delete this comment.

  • Sal Romano

    Note: Our initial posting had a couple mistranslations. We’ve corrected and fixed up the list.

  • whiteferrero

    whew. hope the ace attorney 5 rumor is true. :D but well, who;d be the lead?

    • Rezar

      @whiteferrero: I hate to burst your bubble but Capcom hasn’t translated the last Ace Attorney spinoff game with Miles Edgeworth.

      • whiteferrero

        @Rezar: hey any gyakuten fan knows that. and any gyakuten fan would be excited for a new game, barring of course rumors that’s it’s been development for awhile.

  • Sal Romano
  • Namsta

    Ace Attorney 5 !