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Rumor: Final Fantasy X for PS3, Vita a remake
posted on 09.23.11 at 02:05 PM EST by (@salromano)
New game uses Final Fantasy XIII engine, says rumor.

Here’s a fun rumor. Fun because Square Enix tends to announce big projects and keep quite on details, so speculation and rumors are all we have until its next showing. This one comes from PlayStation-focused website PSTime, who claim inside sources have revealed Final Fantasy X‘s upcoming PlayStation 3 and Vita version is a remake, and not a remastered title.

According to PSTime, these are the details:

  • It will use the same engine as Final Fantasy XIII, adapted for the PlayStation Vita version.
  • Character design, stage elements, and aeons are all being recreated from scratch.
  • The sets and scenes, including CGI, will utilize some sort of “filter” from the Final Fantasy XIII-2 engine to make them look nice.
  • Magic and some lighting effects are being touched with with the “Luminous” engine.
  • Blitzball will undergo small changes.
  • Online options will be available, though their source hasn’t provided details (holy crap, Blitzball online, anyone?).
  • It will release in Japan during fiscal 2012.

As always, take these rumors lightly. There’s no guarantee their true or accurate, which is why they’re called rumors. Take your salt, and all that.

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  • Phoenix_Wings

    This is a very exciting rumour, I wish it to be true!

  • Rafi

    Wow, then i will see all new Bahamut Mega Flare on my face !!
    Then my Gil is ready for you…..

  • zerolegacy0

    I really wish this was true, but…

    Also there’s no way they could finish remaking it by 2012 without already showing off footage, and why would they not re-render the cut scenes instead of “filtering” them.

    • Azure’Sora

      @zerolegacy0: i agree, filtering seems so cheap…

    • Kougeru

      @zerolegacy0: cutscenes take the longest to do. remodeling characters you only need to do once for each character and give them animations but for cutscenes it’s mch more tedious

      • zerolegacy0

        I’m just saying that this doesn’t make any sense because there is no such filter that can reproduce old footage into HD footage, it would just be an upscale.

        If they are going to remaster it they would just upscale everything. What is the point of not fully remaking the game when they could just remaster it for a lot cheaper?

        I’d say that this rumor has a 90% chance of being false.

  • FaithlessMr

    Would be awesome but….I don’t really see that happening. I hope SE proves me wrong with any official statement of some kind, but until there, I’m not getting excited over this, sounds extremely unlikely to be true.

  • Azure’Sora

    ONLINE, Oh My Seems Awsum.

  • This would be so awesome. I can’t imagine it being true so I am not going to say it won’t because I want it to happen!

  • FinalFantasy_fangirl

    IF true I would be disappointed because FF7 should be first as its the most wanted remake and xenogears coming in second.

  • Well I don’t think it is so hard to remake the whole thing because the developpers already have a pretty clear look-and-feel to aim at (actual FFX as it was 10 years ago).

    It is way more difficult re-doing FFVII and other low-poly games because much of the content is really conceptual and you gotta figure out what the “real models” should look like when starting from scratch.

    Also, FFX’s predefined camera motion for environment exploring makes things even easier for modeling, texturing and lighting processes (as opposed to free-camera games).

    • Oops, I forgot mentioning my excitement about the rumor.


  • Awesome

  • neku

    umm…..might be cool if they add things to 10, but why would they remake it?

  • captainhowdy

    IF this is true I would be so happy. This would be the first game this gen that I will buy full price. This game was amazing and it deserves to be remade.

    The PS2 power was holding it back for sure. I’m really hoping this is true.

  • Zohar127

    I wouldn’t expect a full remake but they could be taking the base game and putting in higher poly and better textured character models, items and world objects. Wouldn’t require a full remake but it would look better than a simple upscale.

  • Pirate King

    Until I see FF7 remade, I wont believe it.

  • LordKaiser

    I think it’s just a HD remastered edition but even so if it’s on disc and if it’s the international version I’ll re-buy. Too bad it’s not bundled with a remastered edition of FFXII International…If it’s a remake then it’s a weird move since many asked for a FFVII remake first.

  • whiteferrero

    hey hey hey! BLITZBALL ONLINE! :D

  • ekka4shiki

    I think this just a marketing trick from Square Enix .

    If it just HD remastered , then obviously they can’t sell it at full price.
    No , they want more profit with 10th anniversary thing.

    But full remake is out of question , they still have Versus XIII to working at. They have finite resource (HD towns are hard after all lol)

    But with just simply using FFXIII engine (even though it’s not full remake), polished some texture here and there, add more feature and all . They can give “remake” tag on it, even though in reality it just “upgrade” . But the point is they can sell it at $60 now.

    Assuming this rumor is true , of course :p

  • I agree that FFVII should be the first port of call for a remake, but still, X is an amazing game and this, if true, is excellent news. Hmm, I wonder if it uses the same battle system as XIII or if they stick to the ATM system. Anyway, Spira is a vibrant world which would look amazing with full, FFXIII quality graphics.

  • Zero

    Very interesting.

    I almost find it hard to believe it would be a remake and would include all of this. In the past Square-Enix has said they would consider remaster titles if it didn’t take much time, and the fans wanted it.

    A remake of this magnitude would take more time than fixing it up as a Remaster title.

    Not to mention, they have also used the same excuse when it comes to FF7, stating that updating the game to even remotely resemble today’s standards would be far to difficult and time consuming.

    If they do have all this time, how about that FF7 Remake? You could bundle it with an updated Crisis Core as well!

    Hah! I can sit here and dream. I guess for now, I’d like to play FF13 Versus before the world is supposed to end in 2012. I’m gonna be one pissed guy if it does, and the game still isn’t out… They better have it waiting for me in heaven! If not, me and JC gonna have some problems!

  • «The game is being remastered in HD for both the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Vita.»
    Does it say «remake»?

  • final_fantasy

    i think it’s not true.
    square enix said it just an HD remaster, it is like MGS HD collection from konami.

    about world map, HD town, or even airship, SE could really make that things, just see FF type 0 and Versus XIII, they gameplay now can fly through the world using an airship, could explore the worldmap using foot cars or chocobo, then have many towns and anything other. because now they already have new engine luminous.
    quotes from me ” do not believe the words of Square Enix staff, believe in what they have created and produced, they have far more greater skill ” , such as type 0 and FF versus XIII.

  • Pirate King
    • Zero

      @Pirate King:

      Not bad, my search on the internet tells me its a SS via emulator upscaled.

      It could, of course, end up looking similar. If indeed its just a remaster title.

      However, if the rumors listed above are true…. even just the “filter” one, we can’t really get any idea of what it might look like until they release official SS.

    • LordKaiser

      [email protected]Pirate King:

      Yep it should look like that except that unlike our PS2 emulator it won’t cause glitches when Anti-aliasing filters are enabled.