Final Fantasy XIII-2 Tokyo Game Show trailer - Gematsu
Final Fantasy XIII-2 Tokyo Game Show trailer
posted on 09.15.11 at 10:26 PM EST by (@salromano)
Snow and Hope return in latest video.

Square Enix released the Final Fantasy XIII-2 Tokyo Game Show trailer tonight. In it, we see an older Hope, more of the mysterious purple-haired character Lightning battles in earlier trailers, a fresh-out-the-hair-salon Snow, and more. Watch it here.

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  • FinalFantasy_fangirl

    Sal its been yanked already… Why does SE like torture us

  • Genesis

    aww! beautiful! hope looks amazing and wow snow, interesting hair do lol

  • Jackle

    They totally took a scene from Kingdom Hearts with Lightning holding out her hand and shadows consuming her. I laughed a little. Nice trailer. Also, Hope has grown to a handsome young man! I can officially say that I’m excited for this release.

  • FinalFantasy_fangirl

    Great trailer but I expected to see more of the mystery man preferably him and lightning going at it. What have they done to Snow? Hope looks good. Im afraid to see Sazh after seeing Snow.

  • Revorse

    NOOO. I can’t see it. Stupid Android…guess Ill pray for a Youtube one later

  • Gaara D. Dragon

    Most interesting trailer. Im getting this on day one.

  • Pirate King

    Wow. I recognized and understood 90% of the trailer up till 2 min in! THe final 55 sec after Snow does his protective stance I caught only bits and pieces… LOL! Mada Mada da ne…

  • Wow,,What the amazing the fF-XIII-2 i love look the snow and hope

  • Rafi

    Level 1
    Se: What happen to your hair Snow ?!…..
    Sn: New model, because i have to meet 2 beatiful girl in here
    Se: WTH ?!, who is the another ?
    Sn: Uh…… —feel there are sword against his neck—

    • Rafi

      Level 2
      Se: What happen to your hair Snow ?!…..
      Sn: I’ve got a worse barber ever !!
      Se: WTH ?!, who was cut your hair ?
      Sn: Sazh

  • Zero

    Nice trailer. Glad to see Square-Enix is still retarded when it comes to being over protective of media on the internet!

    Aka, delayed upload with comments disabled.

  • Sal Romano

    Embedded a new upload. This time the video is flipped so it’s harder for S-E ninjas to detect.

    When they eventually release the high-def version of the trailer, I’ll up this post to the top and give it a new image so everyone who missed it (and those who want to rewatch it in good quality) can see.

  • whiteferrero

    wahaha. snow looks like something from kingdom hearts with that wacky hair, oh well, but he’s still the same serah loving snow. :D

  • Azure’Sora


  • The video is low quality and mirrored because SquareEnix sold it to the Gametrailers site, which holds exclusive rights to publish the video. So every post on YouTube is being deleted and blocked. I hate capitalists and silly attitudes, because everything we do is spread the game.

  • rockman29

    When the hell did FF turn into a God damn J-pop music video ffs…

    • KingKelloggTheWaffleHaggler

      @rockman29: Since 13

  • Kurai Warrior

    Still waiting on information for FF Versus XIII Square, it’s only been 8 months now.. =_=

  • Sal Romano

    Just to sort out any potential confusion, I moved this post back to its original time. S-E USA released two new FF13-2 trailers which I’m currently uploading and will post on the home page soon.