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Persona 4 fighter coming to PS3, 360
posted on 08.30.11 at 07:52 PM EST by (@salromano)
Persona 4 becoming 2D fighter.

While Persona 4: The Golden is definitely one of this week’s highlights in Famitsu, the bigger news looks to be a new Persona game for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. No, it’s not an RPG. Oddly enough, it’s a fighting game by Arc System Works.

Persona 4: The Ultimate Mayonaka Arena is a 2D fighter. An arcade version will debut in spring 2012, followed by a PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 release in the summer. Currently, four characters are confirmed: Main/Izanagi, Chie/Tomoe, Yosuke/Jiraiya, and Aigis/Athena.

Stay tuned for additional details.

Thanks, Sinobi.

Update 12:07am: Here are the scans:

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  • Kougeru

    I wish they’d focus on getting the new Blazblue out [hopefully with an end to the story] but okay.

  • Zero

    A fighting game? Really?

    • KingdomPersona

      @Zero: Yep and guess what is Day one for me so Good Luck Hating on this game :)

      • Zero


        Oh, I’m not hating on it. I can see where you would think that, I was just simply putting the question out there.

        Arc System Works is fantastic, and if given no limitations, I have no doubt they will make an awesome fighting game.

        My biggest question here is why Atlus decided to do this? Why is Persona 4 in the title as well? If Aigis is going to be a character, she is from Persona 3 obviously. (Is this going to be a fanservice like Persona series fighter or something more hardcore? More like BB or Dissidia?)

        Also, why I love to see more games coming to PS3/360, does it not make more sense to release this first on the PSP or Vita?

        If it is indeed going to be a persona series fighting game, why not go where you know the money is? Look no further than Dissidia Final Fantasy for an example.

        I love it as a fan of the series, but it’s a series more well known in japan, and they tend to buy anything on the PSP like crazy. Not so much when it comes to PS3/360.

        The idea of it launching on arcade could help it out down the road, when the console ports release. If they right type of hardcore fighting game crowd in japan, really get into the arcade version.

        Again, this really depends if the style of game is going to be more of a serious hardcore fighter or not.

        I’m guessing Atlus is looking to really market Persona 4 with the upcoming anime, but some of the details of this game are still a tad puzzling.

        Edit: I guess you can mark out my point about Aigis, I guess they are adding her to the Persona 4 universe, still confused about that.

        • KingdomPersona

          @Zero: lol yeah I thought you was hating on this I can understand when you coming from but by the look of it and the new scans I saw it look like it a hardcore Fighting game and why would I buy a psp version of the game and not a HD one(for example Blazblue minus the Vita Version since that look to be in HD) and it like you say Atlus is just look to market Persona 4 since the the anime(witch look awesome :) is coming out in october and to me Aigis Being in the game is probably going to do something with the games story so just wait for more information to come out first.

          • whiteferrero

            @KingdomPersona: it’s not like atlus has put much resources in this. It’s mostly just licensing of the characters and the namesake. kinda like how you’d see your favorite chocolate in an ice cream, they just give the chocolate, and the ice cream does all the work.

            So anyway, it just means low effort, possible high returns for atlus.

  • Genesis

    Man ATLUS is really pulling out some big guns! BB is like my fave fighting game ever

  • Kobracon

    Well this is interesting…..Can’t wait to see how it moves :)

    Also, Aigis out of no where XD

  • Sal Romano

    Added scans.

  • whiteferrero

    GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! needs more p4 madness. bring all the persona games! i don’t care! more bear!