Anarchy Reigns: Meet Garuda - Gematsu
Anarchy Reigns: Meet Garuda
posted on 08.09.11 at 11:21 AM EST by (@salromano)
He's technically dead

Yesterday, we met Durga. Today, we meet Garuda, Sega and Platinum Games’ latest Anarchy Reigns character.

Garuda, as a human, died in war at the age of 28. He was brought back to life in android form through the use of a memory chip, which stores his distinctive character. As an Android, he’s only 2 years-old, 2.6m tall, weighs 1210kg, and uses the Tornado Drill as his killer weapon.

See him in action below. A set of screenshots can be seen at the gallery.

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  • Genesis

    PG is literally trying to kill me here! Ahhh a lady can take but so much awesomeness! lol


    I love you genesis, I dont know if it’s your hot pic or your taste for awsome games, but I really do. O_O

    • Genesis

      @GAMEMASTER: Haha well it must be the taste…I am a PG Fan Girl to the core ^_^


    Haha, nice.