Original Crysis rated for Xbox 360 [Update: ESRB; PS3, too] - Gematsu
Original Crysis rated for Xbox 360 [Update: ESRB; PS3, too]
posted on 07.01.11 at 09:35 AM EST by (@salromano)

Crysis 1 is coming to console, according to the Korean Game Rating Board. The group rated the game for Xbox 360 today, listing Electronic Arts as publisher. Earlier this week, the KGRB outed Limbo for PlayStation Network, which was confirmed to be fact yesterday.

See the Crysis rating here.

South Korean game site Inven apparently contacted EA Korea, who confirmed the Xbox 360 version of Crysis.

We’ll send mail to EA US.

Thanks, Kotaku.

Update 10:16 AM: The ESRB has rated the game, as well, but for both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. See the rating here.

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  • ha-ha, but why? no need in this “masterpiece” second time : |

  • bangarang

    Question…for those of you who’ve played the first, is it worth getting if you’ve already beaten the second and never played the original?

    • Rafi

      @bangarang: for Crysis ??, yes because the storyline is so different and the gameplay in the first is more like stealth and strategy rather than rambo style like Crysis 2 or Call of Duty in my opinion…..

      Well honestly in 2007 my PC cant run Crysis 1 smoothly because its need super PC to run it, but if Crytek use Cry Engine 3 to make Crysis 1 for Xbox 360 or PS3, it will be awesome and i think console can handle it smootly……

    • @bangarang: According to my 1st reply: NO, it’s not worth buying it. BUT, I must admit – 1st Crysys A LOT BETTER THAN IT`s SILLY “SEQUEL”. 1st Crysis was all about graphics ya know, i don’t think console will handle the same level as 2007 PC version…but at least it was a lot more interesting.