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EA teases new Mirror’s Edge project
posted on 07.06.11 at 11:27 AM EST by (@salromano)

Electronic Arts Europe vice president Patrick Soderlund teased at a new Mirror’s Edge project during an interview with GameStar at E3 last month.

Asked whether or not there will be a Mirror’s Edge sequel, Soderlund joked, “I’ve had this question, probably, 200 times.

“I loved Mirror’s Edge and what we did with Mirror’s Edge.

“We have not abandoned the franchise. And we are working on something – but I’m not willing to talk more about that.”

Sounds like EA’s taking a leap of Faith.

See the interview below:

Thanks, VG247.

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  • This is what I like to hear. Mirror’s Edge was fantastic, I’d buy a sequel in a heartbeat.

    • Yuri4prez


      Agreed. Mirror’s Edge was an out of nowhere change that the first person genre badly needed. I remember EA considering the first a failure because it didn’t sell like 20 million copies in the first day, but guess what? Neither did Dead Space, and that thing has become very successfull. Also, by the way, andother “risk” that EA took around the same time.

      The bottom line, don’t give up on ME right off. Let it reach the potential that it can surely reach, and the EA suits will be happy in the long run.

      I will be waiting patiently for more info on Mirror’s Edge 2.

  • bangarang

    Fantastic news. Definitely an underrated game. Loved the first and am eagerly awaiting a sequel.

    *Hardcore Parkour!*

  • punkmike

    A mirror’s edge sequel would be great! I loved the first one, mostly cuz i do a little parkour myself, but i’ve always thought that mirrors edge was a nice contrast from the usual first person shooter…well not really…


    MIRROR”S EDGE 2 for PS3/360 please!!!!! The first is one of the best games of all time. & I hope Solar Fields returns to compose another mind-numbing score..


    MIRROR’S EDGE 2 for PS3/360 please!!! With Solar Fields composing another mind-numbing score…