Capcom asks: 'What are we doing right / wrong with Resident Evil?' - Gematsu
Capcom asks: ‘What are we doing right / wrong with Resident Evil?’
posted on 07.14.11 at 03:08 PM EST by (@salromano)

Capcom wants to know what you think they’re doing right, and what you think they’re doing wrong with the Resident Evil franchise. A new update on the series’ official Facebook page explains it all.

“Let’s chat about upcoming Resident Evil games,” reads the update. “We’ve introduced two new game concepts in Mercenaries and Operation Raccoon City, bringing back classics in RE4 and RE:CV, and going back to survival horror in Revelations. As a fan of Resident Evil, what do you think we’re doing right and what should we be working on?”

Have input? Share it here.

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  • sll1cool1m

    They should rather do this with Devil May Cry.

    ” Are we retarded because we let Ninja Theory fuck up DMC ? “

    • XxBarretxX


      Honestly they’re not ruining it. Bayonetta absolutely demolished DMC and they needed to reinvent the game for it to be able to compete with the action game Shinji Mikami is making at platinum. I like DMC, but the changes are needed.

    • KingKelloggTheWaffleHaggler

      @sll1cool1m: the lame crap is capcoms fault not NT

  • go-go-boy

    well for one there putting shit on 3ds ever thought about that.

  • swagattack

    Right: RE4

    Wrong: Sheva induced gameovers in RE5

  • RedWolfe

    I’m really excited about RE: Revelations but I’m not so stoked about it being on the 3DS.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate the 3DS and I’ll probably end up buying one to play Revelations but I’d just much rather it be on a home console.

    Ever since playing Lost in Nightmares (In RE5), me and a couple of friends have said that they should make a full game with the same kind of atmosphere that mode had. To us, it really captured the eerie feeling of the older titles RE titles and even newer horror titles like Dead Space and Amnesia, even in co-op.

    Revelations looks like that game but…well yeah.

    That said, I still am looking forward to it, Operation Raccoon City and Code Veronica (which I missed the first time around).

    I’ve played RE4 twice but have never mustered up the drive to actually complete it \(O_o)/ and I don’t intend to this time around either.

    • Sal Romano

      @RedWolfe: I’m floating in the same boat. I don’t have a 3DS yet, and I don’t plan on purchasing one until they announce the inevitable ‘3DSlite’ (or whatever they’re gonna call it). I heard battery life is bad and I’d like something that could last longer.

      But yeah, when it comes to certain games — Resident Evil being one of them — I’d prefer playing them on a home console. Even so, I’ll still pick up Revelations whenever I get a 3DS.

  • rockman29

    Let’s see…

    New RE5 makes me angry because of a:
    -silly AI partner through the whole game
    -partner who dies nilly willy and sometimes without reasonable cause
    -partner who wastes my friggin’ ammo, if you can’t get a headshot to save your own stupid virtual life, give the damn ammo back to me!
    Bring back the following:
    -Inventory system as a cache like in RE4, or an old-school x new-school marriage (less inventory space, RE4-style ability to manage)
    -Ammo as a scarce resource
    -Cool shop character like in RE4, or even no shop at all
    -Suspense where I feel like I can be overwhelmed by even an average enemy
    -Zombies, the type where shooting several bullets into it’s face and chest doesn’t guarantee anything, because it’s a friggin’ awesome zombie
    -Some reason to explore the environment, like detailed text to describe what the character can point out and find in an environment even if just for ambience
    -Lots of memos! What happened to the prisoners? What does the receptionist think, or what did she think before she died here on the floor?
    -Puzzles! Won’t somebody please think of the puzzles? ‘Switch to turn on’ is not a puzzle! Puzzles to advance through stages, and puzzles to introduce characters and story, and puzzles to introduce enemies
    -Bring it back home to the American midwest, the small town all too vulnerable to being transformed by a zombie apocalypse. I mean, it’s just asking for it! Lol!

    Whatever, most important thing: give me a reason to be scared! Scared to open the next door! Scared to turn around the corner! Scared because I’m low on ammo and will have to outrun the zombie men and zombie dogs and zombie octopi! I want Resident Evil where it says “This is the zombie apocalypse! Let’s see if you can survive! Let that zombie get close and see what happens! HAHAHAHA!”

    I am excited for Raccoon City, but I’m still waiting to see more. As for Mercenaries, not interested.

  • Genesis

    Very interesting indeed. I just hope that they DO NOT reboot the series. RE4 is the reason why so many games use the over the shoulder camera angle. Plus, RE6 needs a Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy with Sherry Birkin as a potential villain. Sherry is likely to be pissed that Claire and Leon never came back for her and being under Wesker’s care isn’t good for the soul lol ;p

  • They are definately on the right path by returning to the “core” RE experience for Revelations, whilst at the same time incorperating some of the newer elements. Where RE5 went wrong both it’s setting and it’s pacing. The daytime, un-threatening locations and shooter gameplay where unrecognisable as Resident Evil. For RE6, I would like to see a return to classic gameplay, while at the same time staying current without dropping to a low demominator blanket (ie, follow market trends).

    I recently played, and am still playing, a PC game called “Experience 112”. It is a deeply original game which reminds me of RE in it’s looks and narrative. There is no combat in the game as it is an adventure-game, but the atmosphere and style of the game is exactly how RE should be in my opinion. Anyone who’s interested, check out the game!

  • Two new game concepts? Who are they fooling? I find that offensive. Everyone knows that Mercenaries was the mini game is Resident Evil 5.

  • Yuri4prez

    Zombies= Right

    Whatever you call the dumb enemies on RE4-5 = Wrong

    Tried it, didn’t like it. Stop trying to make an action game Capcom!!!!!