Uncharted 3 has “offline co-op,” according to Amazon
posted on 06.26.11 at 12:12 PM EST by (@salromano)

While Naughty Dog has confirmed there will be online co-operative modes for Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, the studio has never said a thing about local co-op. Rumored once before, product details posted on the game’s Amazon listing point towards offline co-op for Sony’s upcoming shooter.

The bullet point reads: “The ability to team up with a friend in multiple online and offline co-op modes.”

We’ll mail Sony to see if they can confirm the feature.

Thanks, Next Gen News.

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  • RedWolfe

    This was confirmed in a blog post quite awhile ago.


    7th paragraph.

    “We’ve heard that many of you want to play with a friend on the same couch and we’re really proud to say that we were able to not only implement same-console split screen but you can log into two independent PSN IDs for most gametypes – the ones you can’t are to prevent unfair collusion between players.”

    • Sal Romano

      @RedWolfe: This post and that post are a bit different.

      That post refers to two players, “on the same couch,” playing online, each using their own PlayStation Network IDs, on “most gametypes.”

      Today’s post refers to two players, on the same couch, playing offline in the game’s co-operative mode.

      • RedWolfe

        @Sal Romano: Oh ok I get what you’re saying.

        Still, I would’ve figured that if they were implementing online split-screen, offline would be a given, y’know? I can’t think of any games that don’t work like that.

        But I could be wrong. Sorry for the mix up.

  • Zero

    They did announced offline LAN support, via kotaku. Which would include all the offline mode support stuff, just like the old days with Halo or even older with Goldeneye, and I love it. Just because we are offline, doesn’t mean we need to forget about the great lan type experiences. 4 buddies on one screen, or even more with two PS3’s or something. I’m old school, so my most enjoyable multiplayer experiences with most games, is with my buddies via lan.


    I’m pretty sure the amazon listing is accurate. :) Nice find, sal.

  • this incentive piracy, because the mod ps3 don’t have psn acess, and with this, they will play co-op anyway

    • DarthXehanort

      @mateuspradosousa: I detest piracy and want Uncharted 3 to sell as many copies as possible.

      I would also enjoy playing co-op with a significant other on my couch.

  • Zero

    Perhaps, but it also helps protect people from having to go online at all. As for playing it offline illegally or whatever, they could put in some measurements to prevent, but, I’m sure ND has some great ideas.

  • KingKelloggTheWaffleHaggler

    I love coach coop

  • see ya guys tomorrow :P

  • Batist

    splitscreen was already confirmed and shown in video form months ago.