Journey beta code giveaway - Gematsu
Journey beta code giveaway
posted on 06.28.11 at 06:17 PM EST by (@salromano)

We’ve got five redeem codes for the Journey multiplayer beta, which started today on PlayStation Network. If you’re one of the bunch that weren’t picked by thatgamecompany to play-test the game, this post is for you.

To enter, leave us a short story (4-6 sentences) in the comments depicting a journey that you’d like to take. We’re looking for wild or exciting entries, while still remaining somewhat realistic.

I’d like to give out the codes as quickly as possible, so the winners can experience the Journey beta to the fullest, so we’ll pick the best stories tomorrow at 6pm EDT.

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  • 209Films

    I want to take a journey inside of the beta of Journey and explore what exactly this game is. Is looks like a very interesting and mysterious game, but I’m sure once I figure out exactly the meaning of it it’ll be a fun an interesting game. It looks like you get to take a journey through the desert, but you could possibly explore other areas of the world and maybe the desert is just part of the beta. I hope I can get a code to experience the game. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Zemus101

    Hey guys! I see no comments but no matter what happens, I appreciate the opportunity. I know you said “somewhat realistic” for our journey, but this is completely realistic. I hope it’s not too common of a response.

    Personally, I would love to go to Ireland. Most of my family is from there (red hair throughout the family says it all) and personally I would absolutely love to see the cliffs of Moher ( in person. I know it’s nothing out of the ordinary, but visiting family I’ve never met before and seeing sights like that.. it’s just something else.

    Thanks gematsu!

  • narutomaki

    I’ll take the usual equipments on the Journey to some land I haven’t gone to yet. My trusty Camera to take photos of every amazing site I see and the people I meet. My hiking shoes to walk the trails to see ever amazing natural wonders. And my backpack to carry everything I need to get me there and back.

  • I want to board on a train which will lead me to an ever-lasting journey and stop at the right time -at the right railway platform- for me.

  • BizarreJelly

    The kind of journey i’d like to take is a journey of experience and wonder. Something out the blue and magical(in the totally non fantasy way of course), a typical journey these days would be on a sunny relaxing holiday, or somewhere filled sight seeing. Which is all good, but I wanna experience something more. Experience another culture, try different customs, explore the untouched & unexplored. How awesome would it be to be close to something lost in time and untouched by man for years? That’s the kind of journey I want :) kinda sounds tomb raiderish, but I think it’s romantic!

  • Nymo

    I want to take a journey through lands that I’ve always seen on screens, but never in real life, like Uncharted: From venturing through lush green jungles on a bumpy jeep, or brave through the chilly freeze of the Himalayas. And what a sight it would be to see nothing but infinite sand dunes across a dry desert. I’d take anything but this boring old urban environment that I’ve grown stale to. Being able to just escape to an exotic, untouched location would just be an exciting journey, as you may also be able to make a new discovery that would make Nathan Drake jealous…

  • KingKelloggTheWaffleHaggler

    I want to walk across the united states. Starting from the west coast to the east.I think that would just be amazing,though it would be a harsh trip.

    Then when I finally get to the east coast I’d like to ride one of the traditional Viking boats to Norway.

  • boringlta

    Unrealistic Journey: I’d wish to experience the journey that my character did in final fantasy xi. He saw small towns surrounded by nothing and large, established cities. Deserts that stretched on and on. Jungles and caves filled with dangerous creatures. A land in the sky. He traveled into the past and into a dreamworld experiencing what it’d be like if his city was taken over by beasts.

    Realistic Journey: Hike the Appalachian Trail.

    • Zemus101


      Oh! I didn’t even think of that. Excellent idea :)

  • riyadh

    I’d like to visit all the wonders of the world like Carl Pilkington on An Idiot Abroad. It would be so freaky to hear my clap echoing off an ancient Mayan pyramid. I’d travel with nomads to reach the majestic Petra in Jordan. Before staring in awe at the amazing Wall of China I’d fill up on some great Chinese food (or “food” as it’s known in China). Unlike Carl, I wouldn’t be as jaded and irritable about these experiences

  • Lemanrush

    I want to travel to Antarctica, crossing the Drake Passage by boat deal to the unique challenges and feeling in that inhospitable as the only person on earth. Is not a tourist trip, it’s a journey of inner discovery.

  • You know, I’d actually like to take a journey of childish discovery. When I was a kid, I used to see all these ‘far off’ places from my bedroom window and the tops of high hills when being driven around by my dad. Nothing fancy, nothing famous, but they were interesting and mysterious for me. It might be a distant electricity pylon, it might be an odd looking building, it might even be a very old, ancient tree, or even something similar in the background of a car magazine photo. But I’d go on a journey where I had the ability to travel to those places, magically jumping from one location to the other (I know that’s unrealistic but a helicopter would ruin the atmosphere), and I’d do all this for one day, seeing every far off sight and place I ever let my imagination dwell on as a child.

    Finally, as my last jump, I’d travel across the world, to America, to land at the scene of a particular picture from a magazine I saw as a kid, and it would look EXACTLY the same… a purple/blue sunset, an empty road overlooking the distant, dimly lit sea, and a feeling of satisfaction and serenity beyond words…

    Being totally realistic on the other hand, I’d like to travel the world looking for things like this:×1080/Wallpaper_1080p_26.jpg

    Ancient/’lost’ cities have always fascinated me.

  • rmccloskey

    Personally I’d love to visit the Andalucian mountains in Spain. I’ve heard of the beauty of the area and want to experience it for myself and attain something extraordinary by completing the 6-day trek, to rediscover the beauty of life and of the natural world, beginning a new story in life.

  • Ad

    I want to get away from it all.

    My world has been slowly closing in on me. No friends or family. No money or happiness. The dawn of each day makes me question why I’m still here, why I’ve not left, why I didn’t leave when I had the chance. You always have a chance; why didn’t we take ours?

    I shall regret that for as long as I live.

    I want to transcend this mess, to journey to a place with no names, no faces, no problems. No body.

    I want to right my wrongs, fix my broken promises. I want to find myself. I want to find Paradise…

    Paradise Falls.

    *ties a few hundred thousand balloons to his chimney*

  • Sleepygamer

    I would like to take a year off from school and work. That way I can visit Japan, explore as much of the country as possible. As well as learning more about the culture and explore the everything the great country of japan has to offer. :D

    • KingKelloggTheWaffleHaggler

      @Sleepygamer: That would be a blast!

    • Permafry_42

      @Sleepygamer: that was the other journey I would love to take!

  • Whofreak555

    I’d love to go to space and fight aliens. Or, I wouldn’t mind taking a nice hike in the rockys, both would be appealing. But more or less, going into space and fighting aliens would be my preffered journey.

  • Ponkonwon

    I would journey to the Dominican Republic, my family left there when I was only 3, I’ve never been back since. I’ve researched it all my life, it looks so wonderful, and having lived in Michigan all my life, never being able to go anywhere aside from Detroit, makes me wish that I could just escape this mundane life if even for a week, just to experience my birth place, and take in the beauty of the breathtaking scenery.

    I hope you will choose me to embark on an adventure through Journey, I would love to try out this interesting game, and maybe satisfy my own need for a journey.

  • Permafry_42

    One day, I would like to take a journey using regression therapy into my forgotten past hidden deep in my subconscious. Currently I have only a handful of memories beyond when I was nine years old thanks to a minor mental condition called autism spectrum disorder, and all of the memories I do have lack any details of my childhood friends or what I was like as a kid. I would certainly enjoy journeying to wild and exotic places like those in Africa or huge sprawling cities full of progress like the ones found in Japan. That being said, I can imagine nothing more exhilarating or frightening than a journey into the past when my mind was fully open and exposed to everything world had to show me; both the good and the bad.

  • Gyrosash

    The destination is only a detail in the story to be told. No one reads a book to hear about where the protagonist ends up; they read it to hear about the journey itself. My ideal journey would begin at the airport. Money in hand, I’d purchase a one way ticket on the next flight to depart. I’d bring only the essentials: money, clothes, and toiletries. All other items can be procured as needed. From there I would find my way home while following only one rule, no commercial transportation.

  • Thedude

    I would want to travel (journey) to Italy. One of the best things about Italy is that, like few other places on Earth, there is history all around you. Unlike other parts of Europe like, say, France or Germany… much of Northern Italy has remained untouched by the horrors of modern war, meaning the buildings that were there in the 15th century are, in many cases still there.

    this is especially true of Florence, whose landmark features like the Palazzo Pitti and Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore. I dunno know how wild my adventures to Italy would get. Maybe if i was some sorta of secret double agent working for the US and Europe and got betrayed from was supposed to be my partner. He left me for dead and I have to find away to get out of the country without blowing my cover and getting caught be his henchmen lol

  • OK, here’s my story. This is based somehwhat on fact, altough because I’m a writer and you asked for a story, I have written it in prose rather than in normal ‘text chat’. Here goes….

    “I have plans to journey some day to Ireland, the place of my birthright and family name. Genealogly shows me a coat of arms; an ornate collection of names and drawings, whispering tales of life and death, laced with hidden tragedy. Records speak of the glens of Ireland; those places where altough I have not seen, my past is imprinted within their mountainous peaks.

    In a way, it is a journey in itself. What strange aeons have led to the time that we now refer to as ‘the present’? For time is more ancient than those Irish mountains, having seen all that has passed since the earth was young. Yet it remains mute, stoic in it’s journey, as if time itself is loath to recount the tales of those who came before us. Once though, they were as real as we are. They lived, felt, and created in time myraids of shadows, which contain within them ‘modern men’, continuations of their own faded journeys.

    Vast and lonely is the Irish town where I will one day journey to. It is a place asleep in endless mirth, remembering the old things which shaped it’s stones and brought me into it’s grasp. For it is those memories, altough I may not know them, which shaped a journey older than man, and are in themselves the very travels which brought us all into existence.

    For even when waking the town from it’s dream, the journeys of those I researched and read of have already reached their destination. Indeed, it will be naught but an overgrown field of grass; stone memorials fading fast with the time that still remembers them. Untended, forgotten, merciless in the face of that immemorial journey that each of us travel in our time set times. And perhaps one day, when our travels are over, and it is we who ponder like those ancient mountains, our own shadows in time will discover us.”

    • @TezChi: Damn it, I didnt read the bit where it had to be only 4-6 sentances. Ah well, I enjoyed writing it anyway.

  • Vandrew

    My journey would have to be one based more on reality. I am working towards an ever developing journey into the games industry. Having been passionate my whole life about the process of how these works of art are created, I’m working my hardest to achieve this. Although my journey will be a tough one, I won’t give up on the goal I have set formyself….to help create the best, most fun game a team can make. That is my journey.

  • martinvictor

    We all start a journey the day we’re born. You don’t know where you’re going but you’ll somehow figure it out along the way. Even if you reckon you’ll never make it, just keep walking. In the end you’ll realize all that matters is if you’ve loved the ride.

  • BlakeLocked

    I think I’d quite like to journey through a range of mountains. Spelunking into deep caves, untouched and unexplored, keeping on my feet as peril could lie in the shadows. But even after the dangers I may face, I would exit no worse for the wear, and, looking out into the serene environment before me, venture out to find my next stops. Animals, insects, and fellow travelers would surely cross my path, but I would not fret! Each encounter would forge a fine story, and once I’ve reached home once more, I’d tell them in great detail.

    Who knows, perhaps I’d find a few treasures to take home with me as proof of it all?

  • Sal Romano

    Quick note — we won’t accept any more entries after 5pm EDT. Winners will be posted and contacted by 6pm EDT.

  • AdamUPNow

    The Journey all begins when you slowly awake from a slumber which you don’t

    remember sleeping. You arise to find that you are no longer indoors but

    found in a vast ocean of trees and water. Then suddenly a great tree begins

    to walk my way, I began to scurry but it overtook me and chucked me into

    space. I then awoke to find myself in a hospital stuck in a body, a body of

    a dog.