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Ignition no longer an internal developer
posted on 06.28.11 at 09:55 AM EST by (@salromano)

Ignition Entertainment will no longer develop games internally. The publisher has bet its fortunes on a new business model, which sees them partnering with external developers as a publishing partner.

Speaking to Siliconera, Ignition director of business development Shane Bettenhausen confirmed that the company’s London studio has ceased game development. Both their London and Tokyo studios will remain open as an office for publishing, but will no longer develop games. Their Tokyo studio was responsible for El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron, which will release in North America next month.

The beginning of Ignition’s new venture is displayed with Dragon’s Crown, their E3-announced PlayStation 3/Vita game in development at Vanillaware. According to Betenhausen, Ignition will still focus on creating new IP, such as Dragon’s Crown, as long as development is outsourced.

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  • DarthXehanort

    Well, I do want Dragon’s Crown. I can’t choose between the PS3 and PSVita, though… I would love for them to be boxed together, but that’s probably asking for too much. :/

    • Sal Romano

      @DarthXehanort: You could always buy both. They’re only $29.99 each. Combined it’s the price of a standard PS3 game. I think that’s the point of these PS3/Vita cross-platform games. They want you to buy both (or else the ‘take it on the go’ feature would be pointless) so they’re pricing them cheap.

      • DarthXehanort

        @Sal Romano: Ah, thanks for the information. I wasn’t aware of the pricing plans. Do you know whether or not either/both are boxed releases? I avoid downloading whenever possible. If one version were boxed and the other were not, that alone would determine my platform choice.

        I don’t really think that spending the extra $30 is worthwhile to me, unfortunately. To be honest, the most heavily motivating factor for that purchase, in my eyes, would just be the fact that it supports developers that I respect.

        • Sal Romano

          @DarthXehanort: They’re both boxed and for sale at Amazon. See here.

          • DarthXehanort

            @Sal Romano: Thanks! I honestly try to read every article on your site, so I don’t know how I managed to miss that. I suppose that the E3 news wave was too much for me to handle between multiple sites. I thought I’d at least keep up with my favourite of them, though.

            Well… Now I have a choice to make.

            • Sal Romano

              @DarthXehanort: No worries. You’re not obligated to anything. ;]

              A very difficult choice…

              • DarthXehanort

                @Sal Romano: It’s not so much that I feel obligated as that I am disappointed in myself. Consider me a fan! :P

                I like to think of portability as an advantage, but the truth is that I’ll spend most of my PSVita time at home anyway. That makes the PS3 an appealing choice… Of course, the art might look even prettier condensed down to 5″.

                … I’ll probably just decide when it’s closer to release, but consider me leaning towards the PS3 version for now.