Microsoft teases E3 announcements
posted on 05.24.11 at 10:44 AM EST by (@salromano)

Microsoft has a lot to show off during their E3 press conference this year. Invites sent out by the Xbox 360 manufacturer hint at reveals for Star Wars Kinect, Halo and more.

The invite comes with stickers that let you personalize your badge. The stickers include silhouettes of Halo‘s energy sword, Gears of War‘s chainsaw gun, Star Wars‘ lightsaber, a pair of nunchucks (Ninja Gaiden?), a racecar (Forza 4?), a guitar (Rocksmith?), and others.

Text stickers include “May the force be with you,” “the universe,” “Spartans unite,” “Brothers to the end,” “It’s a revolution,” and more. A few of them are blatant, reading “Master Chief,” “Batman” or “GlaDOS” (new Portal 2 reveals?).

Microsoft’s press conference goes down at the Galen Theater on Monday, June 6 at 9:00am Pacific time / 12:00pm Eastern time.

Thanks, Kotaku.

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  • maikel19

    DId you get one????????

    • Not quite yet. Microsoft’s presser is usually very limited, though. We didn’t get in last year. This year, we’re confirmed for Sony and Nintendo, but are still waiting on Microsoft.

      • maikel19

        Hope you get one (:

  • Locksus

    Do you guys know what I want? Lost Odyssey 2. The most underrated game of this generation.

    • maikel19

      It was one of my top 5 JRPG’s this genertion……..but i never got to finish it, still in disc 2!
      if it will be anounced, then i will finish the game in prepration for the second!

      • Locksus

        You should go play it! It is definitely worth it

        • Yeah I second that. It’s well worth getting back into imo. Disc 3 is a more linear disk than the first 2, then it opens out again in 4. It’s worth it just for the ‘dreams’ if you ask me!

          I would absolutel love to see more from the series, as well.