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Activision reveals Call of Duty subscription service
posted on 05.30.11 at 09:09 PM EST by (@salromano)

Activision has announced a online subscription service for Call of Duty called Call of Duty Elite. Planned to work with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, out this November on HD platforms, the service will charge players a monthly fee for additional features in online multiplayer.

Elite will provide extra content including new maps, performance analysis tools, and other nuggets not offered on-disc or in stores.

Activision has yet to put a price on the service, but they expect it to cost less than comparable online fees, such as Netflix’s $7.99-a-month instant streaming package.

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick is not worried about the potentially negative response from gamers regarding the Elite service, as players can still play online without subscribing to the platform.

Thanks, WSJ.

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  • Zero

    I can’t say I’m surprised, but I’m also pretty upset by the announcement of this…

    This is a form of micro-transaction that gaming does not need. DLC is basically a microtransaction, and can be pretty bad at times. Stuff like paying 5 bucks for guns or outfits already on the disc.

    When I first heard about DLC, most developers described it as a way to revisit a complete game, and make new content that was not previously included for it. Then gamers could go back and play a game they enjoyed, adding more replay-ability, etc.

    Some developers actually treat dlc like this, but most use it for business microtransaction, and we get the type of crap I described above.

    I’ve always enjoyed good dlc, but just shook my head at the crap dlc put out by some companies. Pay 6 bucks for these cool guns! No thanks…whatever happened to making them a secret to unlock in the game? You know, without paying for them?

    I went into that because, this is just the same type of thing, but worse in my eyes. They aren’t even trying to sugarcoat it here, “Elite will provide extra content including new maps, performance analysis tools, and other nuggets not offered on-disc or in stores.”

    We should have to pay for that? You have to be kidding me…

    My main problem is, it could get worse if other companies follow suit and copy this model set up by Activision.

    Next thing you know, it will cost 8 bucks to have access to user created levels in games, on a server. Like the upcoming Infamous 2 for example. Would you pay 8 or so dollars a month to have access to user made missions, or the tools to create your own? That sounds awful to me, and I’d be upset if that happened, so let’s hope this fails.

    • Red-X

      Totally agree!!

  • rockman29



    • abful

      hahaha indeed.

  • best solution here is dont buy the game and show activision that we wont support that crap

  • go-go-boy

    WTF!!!!! looks like gaming is going down hill i mean seriously who the hell does this sooner or later every developer is going to be doing this just like zero said. this idiot bobby kotick is destroying gaming but the sad thing is jack asses are going to buy this shit i don’t support bad busines practices i refuse too and other people should do the same because if you keep supporting them shit just keeps getting worser and worser if this is what gaming is coming too i don’t want to be part of it sadly to say i am better without

  • AdamBoy64

    Man. The sad thing is they’ll make a fortune with this premium online service.

  • This is pretty bad, and annoying, news. It is not the sort of thing I think developers should be encouraging, and it certainlly shows of a lot of cheek from Kotick to say disregard the opinions of gamers like that.

    I disagree with the above notion that Bobby Kotick is destroying gaming, as COD is, depsite it’s following and bluster, only one game. There are many developers putting out amazing software, not fazed by the COD effect, and it’s all the better for it (look at the rise in small devs in recent years).

    That said, I have grown a severe distaste for Kotick and the COD franchise. I used to like the series up to COD4, but after that, it all went pear-shaped. To be honest, I am amazed people are still buying the games; MW3 looks so milked the poor cow is exhausted by now. You would think that sooner or later people would realise how much Activision are flooding the market like this, and buy other games instead. The market is full of rich and exciting games, many of which, whilst perhaps of a lower ‘production value’, will provide a far greater and rewarding experiecne than yet another COD game.

    Charging players for premium online is a bad move. I have nothing against DLC, it is in itself a great way to add new things a few months after an initial release. This however, is different. I was lambasted in another article for saying I thought COD was becoming “same old” and a bad business model. However, altough I am willing to always look at things from both sides, I cannot think any different to that after hearing this news. I certainlly will not be supporting this.

  • maikel19

    I just saw the video…………it was preety cool!
    you can play online, it just a prem service whice i might get, if its low………like 99c.

    • Zero

      If you read what Sal wrote/typed above…

      “Activision has yet to put a price on the service, but they expect it to cost less than comparable online fees, such as Netflix’s $7.99-a-month instant streaming package.”

      That’s more than 99cents, and please don’t support this service.

      • maikel19

        He wrote “less then……..”, so that means it will be like 2$-3$!
        If its something i want and i think i’ll get good value, then i will do what i want, if you dont like it then dont Pay!

        • go-go-boy

          you see this is why crap like this always happens people like you i don’t care how much it is we should not have to pay for crap like this and if you keep supporting this its gonna get worse man they already charging people for online passes now and now you got shit like this but all i am gonna say is don’t go crying when games start actually charging you to play them hell i hate mmo’s for that exact reason why spend extra on something you paid full price for words for thought

  • Zero

    True, I give you that much. I’m not going to go into discussion on this anymore, my first comment above was more than enough.

    • AdamBoy64

      Kotick must want more Yachts or something.