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Ubisoft CEO: ‘Industry needs new consoles’
posted on 04.09.11 at 10:32 AM EST by (@salromano)

The games industry needs new consoles to spark new innovations and recapture creativity, according to Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot. The introduction of new video game properties is best done during the launch of a new console, he told MCV, and technology is only getting more powerful.

“Yes, the accessories and handhelds are really good, but I think it would be great for the industry to take advantage of technological advancements,” said Guillemot when asked whether he believes the industry needs a new set of consoles.

“Processors are more and more powerful, graphics cards have moved on, there are many technologies that would help us deliver a better experience and help the industry to grow.”

The PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii generation has been the longest era without a new home console. Guillemot feels that this is why the industry is in such “depression”.

“That’s right, and that’s part of the reason why the industry is in depression,” he said. “Consumers like the current formats, but there is not enough creativity at the end of a cycle to really spark the business.”

New consoles play an important role in the introduction of new properties, says Guillemot. Looking at the history of game consoles, Guillemot says there are “times when it is right” and “times when its harder” to bring out new franchises.

“At this stage in the consoles’ lifecycles it is possible to do new IP, but it will be more attractive when new consoles come along. That’s when consumers are more open to trying new things.”

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  • sheppard00

    FUCK YES! Moar consoles, i’m rich(NOWAY) and i’m gonna buy 3ds,Ngp,ps4,Wii2 and Xbox720 all together!!

    Btw Ubisoft, Shut the fuck off and make better games man. My ps3 didn’t go to the top yet! And omfg where the hell is Beyond the Good and Evil 2!?

    “Runs to take the medication”

  • I can live with my PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii for a few more years. We’re not rich — I can’t afford to go buying three more new consoles.

    Plus, it feels like this generation has yet to hit its stride. There’s a lot of great games out, yes, but there’s so much more in the pipeline.

    I think we’ll be fine with what we have at least until 2015 or ’16.

  • The case for new console is a much debated topic. I personally feel, as do others, that these systems have not hit their limits yet and would be perfectly happy sticking with them for a few years longer.

    Of course, new consoles generate big sales and hype, give devs new tools and new equipment. However, saying that new hardware is needed for creativity is not something I’d buy into. You can always innovate or come up with new ideas. And if the new consoles were just better graphics and nothing more – how does help such a viewpoint anyway?

    As far as a “Depression”, surely insistence on ‘me too’ shooters and show-off effects in place of gameplay is to blame for what is reffering too. New hardware wouldn’t solve this though. Even on a brand new, shining console, certain deveopers would still release their rehashed, ‘annually released’ nonsense.

    I am all for new hardware and would buy a good system without hesitation (I’m loving the 3DS), but I would also be happy with the current system so long as games do not dry up (and lets face it – they aren’t)

  • milramyah

    NO! That is a terrible idea. The depression in the gaming industry’s creativity isn’t caused by weak hardware, it is caused by really high production costs. Since games cost so much to make now, many developers don’t want to take big risks with their games, causing an overabundance of games like call of duty(trying to imitate it’s success). Most of the games taking a risk this generation are on psn, xbla or handhelds because they cause significantly less to develop and they can be made much quicker. In fact, this is the best time for the creativity in this generation to hit it’s stride. With the NGP bridging the gap between consoles and handhelds, all those small japanese developers making games for the psp can move on and make games for the ps3, while making even more money on ngp versions of games. a new generation would make it even harder for these small, creative developers to jump back onto consoles. And even big companies like square, would take like 20 years to make a final fantasy 15.

  • Hypno Physics

    No use in reiterate what everybody has said already, but yea, this gen consoles haven’t even maxed out their power yet, and blaming a “depression” on a console instead of the developers is a bit shitty.

  • talesoffan

    Developers need to be more creative and step outside the box. A good game in a fresh genre would be great. How about an Assasins Creed RPG for instance?

  • Zero

    I’ve never been one to agree with Guillemot. 90% of the time he says things that seem to be focused on one thing, rather than the big picture.

    Here, he seems to be focusing on technological advancements, and I can see where he is coming from.

    The current consoles are behind, but building a gaming pc with the current tech is somewhat expensive. And I’m going by my standards, which includes shopping for the best deals, perhaps going with a good graphics card to oc, over a geat card, and building the pc myself. For some, this is normal, and sounds easy. Let’s face it though, this is not the norm, and most people go out to best buy or something and buy a new pc they hope is top of the line, new, and ready to play games. Sometimes its a desktop, and sometimes a laptop.

    Either way, they are not getting the best of the best tech, it takes longer for the new stuff to get in stores, and sometimes they never do. Have you see an 6970 or 570 at best buy recently? I know I haven’t. I was surprised to see a 560, but it was over priced.

    Consoles are an easy way for consumers to play the latest software, while only having to buy one piece of hardware. Anyone who puts together a pc, can never rule out a possible upgrade in the future. Why? We are constantly coming out with new things, graphics cards for example, release something new basically every year. The 590 will likely be replaced by something in the 600 line this time next year, same for the 6990. We have 6 core processors, and even more on the horizon.

    My point is, what would a company like, per say Nintendo…if they decided to make a Wii V2, and go with new hardware, go with?

    They could have a unique version of a 6 core processor from intel made, a special version of a gtx 580 or something, and like 8 gigs of memory for the Wii V2.

    And, that would be a powerhouse, but 5 years from now, the tech would be showing its age, and talk of a new console would be common, while still not having peaked software wise.

    This is what I meany by the big picture. You create new hardware, and then developers take longer to release games, which slows down new software being released. People buy the new hardware, for the software. Not to mention, a console with the specs I mentioned above would be very expensive. And, unless Nintendo decided to bite the bullet like Sony did with PS3, they would have to sell it for north of 400usd most likely.

    That creates a problem as well, developers can’t be sure how many users will have access to the hardware required to play the software on. So? What do they do? Downgrade the software, so that it plays on the older tech.

    Isn’t what I just mentioned the problem with pc gaming today? I know piracy is bad, but steam is still very successful, and in my opinion the best way to game on pc. Yet, the games are usually just slightly better looking than the console version. When they are capable of so much more.

    The state of the world is not like it was in the early 90’s, specifically with cash. Most folks don’t have the money to go out and buy new consoles, and if one company releases a new console, you always have the other two release something new soon.

    And they do exclusive games, to try and get consumers to purchase their new console. So, if you want to play the best exclusive software from all 3, you need to fork out something north of 1k plus to do so. Which is just not fair to the consumer.

    I’m not going to pretend I have the solutions to all of this, but I do agree that we should stick with the current hardware we have right now, and let the developers continue to innovate and release new great games. The ball is really in their court right now.

    As for Yves, he knows this, yet tries to ignore the big picture. I call it a big picture, but after reading my posts…perhaps its more like a big picture puzzle. The pieces don’t quite fit right now, and I think we have to give it more time.

  • Yves and gamers of the world, just look at UNCHARTED 3 and ask to yourself: “We really need new consoles?”

    With games like UNCHARTED 2 and 3, we almost play CGs…we don’t need a upgrade until 2014…

    Mateus Prado Sousa (Games e Reflexoes Blog)

  • This guy is full of it. I have seen so much innovation and continued creativity over the last couple of years. He is only thinking for himself. XBLA and PSN titles alone spurred more creativity than half of current games and would continue that way with new consoles. I mean seriously, there was games that came out on the PS2 this year and I don’t care to have new systems when I just go the 3DS and planning on getting the NGP. Consoles can wait a couple of years!

    I hate it when they think they know what we want.

  • AdamBoy64

    Yes, there’s certainly no need for a new gen just yet. That’s the appeal (to both consumers and developers) of consoles – is to have a consistent platform.

    As it is, it seems Microsoft will be first to jump into a new gen (as they were with the 360), but is probably a couple of years away. Nintendo might also be next – but I worry about what their next move could be.

    (I just hope that when MS do release a new console, they get someone to test it first..)

    We might be surprised at this year’s E3, but I doubt it.

  • Rafi

    I hate you ubisoft !, even you can’t push PS3 and Xbox 360 to it’s limit and now you want a new console ?, and how about PC version AC: Brotherhood that you not use DirectX 11 and just simply porting that game !

    PS3 and Xbox 360 still great and also still have lot of potential. Just try to focus on push the console limit and you can see next-gen graphic !!