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Portal 2 surprise coming tonight? [Update]
posted on 04.22.11 at 07:39 PM EST by (@salromano)

Valve’s sent out a mysterious email teasing a Portal 2 surprise set to arrive in a little over an hour from press time. The email contains a scanned memo which encourages readers to visit this countdown URL, titled “The Aperture Science Surprise Deployment Initiation System”.

Mentioned in the memo is the “pneumatic tube system,” (pictured) a feature highlighted before launch but non-existent in the final release of Portal 2. Perhaps this is the first bit of downloadable content, with the tubes being the main puzzle element?

We’ll see in about an hour.

Thanks, Game Informer, Veg1vo.

Update 9:40pm: Looks like it’s just a thank you video for all those that participated in the Valve ARG. Check it out here.

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  • Jrukia

    Attn Sal: WTF? What is this site called?
    ???????. Its close to 1/2 a year, and still no name?
    For real? How am I suppose to let my freinds know about this site?
    “bro uh…. ??????? is the site!” No. Thats wack… just like this name.
    Seriously, this s**t is annoying. Im tired of seeing it.

    BTW why the freak do you still not have a review for MvC3?
    Day 1 of Portal & a review???
    Go buy MvC3.

    • lol you’re absolutely right.

      Right now, we’re set on a certain name, however, the domain is owned by another person. We’re doing what it takes to try and acquire the name from that person. The name is pretty bad-ass – we think our readers will become akin to it, if acquired.

      Regarding an MvC3 review – we’re trying not to do reviews of games far after their release date. With Portal 2, we were lucky enough to receive an early copy from Valve. Generally, we want our reviews going out there the same time as the big guys. For Marvel vs. Capcom 3, we tried to get an early copy, but Capcom hadn’t responded to our requests.

  • Kkdog4Sado

    To be honest Jrukia is 100% right.

    I’m still mad that we have no official site name yet either.
    Hes right Sal, hes right….??????? is not a name.