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PlayStation Network compromised
posted on 04.27.11 at 08:08 AM EST by (@salromano)

Sony Computer Entertainment America has confirmed that the PlayStation Network outage that began last week was due to hackers illegally infiltrating their systems. As a result, certain PlayStation Network account information was compromised by the hackers, causing Sony to temporarily turn off the PlayStation Network, hire an recognized security firm to investigate the hackers, and rebuild their systems for greater security.

Your information that may have been compromised include your:

  • Name
  • Adress (city, state, zip)
  • Country
  • Email Address
  • Birthdate
  • Password
  • Profile Data
  • Purchase History
  • Billing Address
  • Security Question Answers

Sony currently has “no evidence” that credit card information was stolen, but “cannot rule out the possibility”. That said, your credit card number and expiration date may have been obtained (though not your security code).

Sony claims to “have a clear path” to restoring the PlayStation Network services, which they expect to be live again “within a week”. When all is live and well, we suggest you log on to your account and change your password.

Update on PlayStation Network and Qriocity [PlayStation.Blog]

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  • sheppard00

    Man all this pisses me off, this morning i went to cancel my credit card, now need to wait one week at least to renew all my damn account. And i hope that they don’t reset all trophies and shit or Sony gonna pay all this.
    Thanks to god i’m not paying psn plus, and i was almost picking it….

    • I don’t think they can — your trophies are stored on your console and updated to your PSN account when you’re connected.

  • Blackmage456

    oh wow, i still blame Geohotz for this. If he wasn’t such an ass and released that homebrew sh*t, none of this would’ve happened. I hope the hackers get caught and are given a hefty fine.

  • Rezar

    Almost a week since Sony has shut down Playstation Network due to an attack by Anonymous. That’s what I’ve heard. I was about to spend my remaining money in my account. Thankfully I did not use a credit card. My advice is to change your password for your email and for PSN when it goes back online.

    • Anonymous has said that they’re not responsible for the attack. They’re usually very open about their infiltrations.

      Make of that what you will.

      • Rezar

        I see what you mean. Days ago people were pointing fingers at Anonymous and I have my doubts they did went after Playstation Network. Regardless what matters is some hackers now have personal information so it would be wise to keep an eye on your Playstation Network account. I know some gamers are mad at Sony and I understand why but the sad thing is Sony is going to take a major hit after this and might have to change their game plan around so this doesn’t happen again. The worst thing about this whole ordeal is it’s the gamers who lose.

  • AdamBoy64

    I went and cancelled my credit card to be on the safe side.
    It’s a sad state of events, I hope PSN comes back online soon.

    One things for sure, I’ll be sticking to PSN Cards from now on.
    .. I think a lot of people will do the same.

    • Rezar

      That’s what I’ve been doing. I’ll have to change my password when PSN goes live again.

  • sheppard00

    And now Sony just annonced that all personal data weren’t compromised at all man.
    But i don’t believe a shit, as soon as psn is on i’ll change everything and no more credit card, since now just prepaid cards. I was using them for my other japanese and usa accounts, but i didn’t use any for my european one because i’m to lazy i guess and my damn credit card was closer to me.