Mass Effect 2 lands on Japanese PS3s in June - Gematsu
Mass Effect 2 lands on Japanese PS3s in June
posted on 04.11.11 at 07:20 AM EST by (@salromano)

While North American and European PlayStation 3 owners have had a go with Commander Shepard and the Normandy since late January, Japanese owners of the platform are still in the wait. It shouldn’t be too long now, as EA Japan’s dated the game for a June 23 launch in the country.

The game, rated CERO D 17, will sell for 7,665 yen, which approximates to about $90 US dollars.

You won’t find me complaining about paying $60 for a new game, anymore.

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  • i haven’t bought this game, though after playing the demo, i like it ^^

    hopefully this sells better than the 360 version(it bombed in japan)

    im glad EA is willing to localize this, especially in a country where western games don’t sell that well.

    please japan buy this along with Mass Effect 3 and Deus Ex Human Revolution :)