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inFAMOUS 2 mission creator gets media
posted on 03.02.11 at 12:04 AM EST by (@salromano)

The inFAMOUS 2 mission creator, announced earlier today in San Francisco, has received the trailer and screenshot treatment.

The trailer highlights the many types of missions you can create, including defense, escort, survival, and more. Create “platforming” missions, “obstacle courses”, and “endless possibilities,” claims the clip.

IGN’s got some exclusive screenshots. Check them out here. We’ll repost them unwatermarked when Sony released them to all press.

Sucker Punch will be holding a “limited beta” next month. On March 14, they’ll announce just how to get in on it. Stay tuned for that.

inFAMOUS 2 launches exclusively for PlayStation 3 on June 7, 2011.

inFAMOUS 2: User-Created Missions Give Infinite Possibilities, Limited Beta in April [PlayStation.Blog]

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  • sheppard00

    Omfg and that was the BIG surprise keeped in secret for 2 years….
    Sorry if i’m not so excited, but i been expecting a big more…

  • incredibilistic

    This was already on my list of must-owns for 2011. That’s changed from day one purchase to a wait-in-front-of-the-store-at-midnight-then-take-off-from-work purchase!

    And I’m sure Sony will take this opportunity to show that they’re leading the charge in games that offer more creativity and flexibility than anything from the Microsoft camp. And they’d be right.

  • bangarang

    wow that came out of left field. don’t really hear too much about sandbox games that allow level design. loved the first one. definitely gonna love the second :)