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Ubisoft Toronto working on new IP
posted on 02.10.11 at 04:14 PM EST by (@salromano)

Ubisoft Toronto boss Jade Raymond has confirmed that the studio is working on an original property.

Speaking at the DICE Summit, Raymond said regarding the new IP: “I really hope we’re creating something that we can hand over to the fans.

“A launch of a game, in order to be a hit, has to be an entertainment event, like a film or other new IP.”

Raymond made further comment that games are now becoming the norm, adding, “games aren’t just what you talk about around the water cooler, they’re becoming the water cooler itself … I would hope our next new IP would become the neighborhood bar.”

Last August, Raymond said the Ubisoft Toronto was working on two triple-A projects. A new Splinter Cell was already confirmed as one of them. This new property looks to be the second.

Thanks, Gamasutra.

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  • TalesOf_STI

    thats the boss??? O_o? she’s a F’n hottie.. lol

  • go-go-boy

    ………..she is freaking hot i want play wit her i mean ummm play a game with her…over a candle light dinner that is ^/////^

  • JTX09

    Have a little respect guys.

    • go-go-boy

      yea ur right i should but she is a gaming goddess no denying that

    • TalesOf_STI

      I see no one here disrespecting.. every one complimented the women no one said something in a sexual context.. lol

  • Leonix7791

    She’s hot.

  • Chaos Raiden

    Whoever said that the ones who are working for video game industry are all uglies are damn wrong. She is really beautiful.

  • please sequel to Prince of Persia 2008? :D

  • Seems I’m one of the few commenters who cares more about the game than what the developer looks like, eh?

    Oh well, I echo Prince Heir’s stament about PoP 2008, that was a really underrated game I think.

  • Matthew Frassetti

    This is why we can’t have nice things guys >.>