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The 3rd Birthday gets new trailer
posted on 02.24.11 at 06:57 PM EST by (@cyncronized)

Square Enix has put out an all new, three-minute trailer of The 3rd Birthday.

The clip is loaded with gameplay of Aya Brea in many of her sexy unlockable costumes; it also chronicles the game’s major story pieces.

Check it out below. The game’s out exclusively for PSP on March 29, 2011.

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  • zerolegacy0

    Parasite Eve is awesome as hell, but I prefer the Japanese voice track.
    Anyone know if this game has one?

    • i don’t think so, square doesn’t like dual audio in their games unfortunately :\

      • zerolegacy0

        *moans* I thought as much… well I can always import a Japanese version.
        My Japanese should be good enough to understand most of the story.

        I wonder when developers will start catching on to things like this, and add extra voice tracks. Maybe NGP will since it has much more memory available.

  • lol kyle and hyde sound soo awkward O_O

    and why not Ali Hilis? sure Yvonne Strahovsk is good but Ali fits the role perfectly, not to mention nothing wearing the lightning costume would have been sooo good.

    nonetheless it’s still good.

    can’t wait for this. come to me Aya :)

  • Looking good!

  • sheppard00

    Oh well, not so bad as i thought. Still i want to marry with Aya so lol

  • FinalFantasy_fangirl

    Game looks awesome…