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Rune Factory Oceans: Finis Island detailed
posted on 02.21.11 at 12:51 AM EST by (@salromano)

Rune Factory Oceans, the latest in Marvelous Entertainment’s Harvest Moon spin-off franchise, releases in Japan this Thursday. Preparing for its fast approaching launch, Marvelous has released new details about the game’s main setting, Finis Island.

  • Sisters – an inn run by three sisters, Lily, Odette and Iris, all who can become a love interest for the male character Azel. It becomes a pub at night.
  • Twins – a general shop run by twins Sara (female) and Bismarck (male). Both characters are possible love interests for the male or female protagonist. Bismarck is usually managing the shop, but depending on the time or day, Sara may be behind the counter. Sometimes Electra, a part-time employee, might be handling sales.
  • Chronos – a blacksmith run by a golem created by Elena. Here you can purchase weapons and minerals.
  • Bathhouse – taking a bath here will recover your HP and RP.
  • Church – a church run by Father Grey. A hospital, run by Iris, is also located on the premesis. The player can heal and buy medicine here. A chapel outside the church is where people can get married.
  • Your House – self-explanatory. It’s located outside of Sisters Inn. Expanding your house with new facilities allows you to make food and gain stronger weapons.
  • Dragon Shrine – a wishing well located at the highest point on Finis Island. According to the screenshots, you can learn information and get special effects making it easier to obtain items in battle.

Check out screenshots of every facility at the gallery.

Thanks, Andriasang.

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  • whiteferrero

    Looking great! Were there any news about localization of this game, Sal?

    Playing Rune Factory 3 right now and I’m pretty hooked.

    • Not yet. But considering every other Rune Factory came stateside, I don’t see why this one won’t. =]

  • Great looking shots. Ive never played a Rune Factory game actually. Maybe I should pick one up.

  • maid cafe please :D

    off topic BTW SAL Xenogears get’s release this Tuesday :P

    this should be news :P

  • AdamBoy64

    I’ve wanted to play a Rune Factory for some time, after I heard they are a different spin/take on the Harvest Moon style of game. I’ve only played Harvest Moon on SNES, and haven’t played any Rune Factory game yet, so this’ll be my first.

    Pretty excited, hopefully we’ll hear something soon about a localisation.