PS2 sells 150 million worldwide
posted on 02.14.11 at 06:22 AM EST by (@salromano)

The PS2 has reached an incredible milestone. Only 10 years and 11 months after its March 2000 Japanese launch, the console has now sold over 150 million units worldwide.

The console has seen hundreds of successful hits from both first and third-party publishers throughout its lifetime. These include Gran Turismo, God of War, Ratchet & Clank, Final Fantasy, Grand Theft Auto, and Metal Gear Solid. A library of over 10,828 games have been made available for the system since launch; more than 1.52 billion units of software have been sold worldwide.

Sony will continue to “further expand the PlayStation platform and create a new world of computer entertainment.”

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  • Congratz Sony!!!

  • Adurna012

    have to say that the ps2 was possibly the greatest system made. had some of the best games on it like FF10, Shadow of the Colossus, and tales of the abyss

  • rockman29

    Pwnage. :)

  • Congrats PS2 :D

    im still playing games on it like Megaman X Collection, Xenosaga Episode III(just started 2 days ago), Fatal Frame and finished games like God Hand or so.

    i want more of these games on the PS3 :(

  • AdamBoy64

    Sony have obviously done something right. This is a great acheivement.
    On a personal level, I’d play the Gamecube more than the PS2, but the PS2 is a fantastic system.

    Even well after the PS2 stops production and new games cease to be made, PS2 games will be around for a long time – with things like game collection packs, and over PSN.

    They’re going for a 10 year lifespan on the PS3 also… and it’s looking good for them so far.

    Congratulations, Sony.

  • whiteferrero

    I love ps2! i love ps! i hope ps3 and ngp receive the same success.

    it’s a sony :p

  • It was a platform that catered to gamers of all kinds. It deserves it’s success.