Happy Valentine's Day from The 3rd Birthday - Gematsu
Happy Valentine’s Day from The 3rd Birthday
posted on 02.14.11 at 04:56 PM EST by (@salromano)

No Valentine? No matter! Square Enix’s upcoming PSP title, The 3rd Birthday has you covered.

Okay, so not technically. But you can pretend that this card and these chocolates were meant for you. However, the inconvenient truth is: Aya Brea sent them to me. It’s only proper. We are both in New York, I mean. It wouldn’t work out long distance.

Happy Valentine’s, all!

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  • damn i want that chocolate :D

    cannot wait for T3B

    i love you AYa :P

    • I ate one of them, and thought it good at first, but then it got down to this cherry piece in the middle that I hadn’t known about and…. let’s just say I don’t like cherries in my chocolate.

      • whiteferrero

        and because of that cherry thing… i am now picturing aya eating cherries all sexy like. O.o let’s hope this comes out soon.