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A Tale of Two Richards, day 6: Tales of Vesperia
posted on 02.01.11 at 03:44 PM EST by (@salromano)

The final day of Namco Bandai’s ‘A Tale of Two Richards’ teaser website has gone live. And what does it tease today? Why, none other than Tales of Vesperia!

Go ahead. Visit the site, and move your eyes towards the left of the distortion. The ‘Ta’ from the Tales of Vesperia logo are clearly visible. Here’s a better comparison.

Looks like the PlayStation 3 version of Tales of Vesperia might finally be coming stateside. If anything, expect an official announcement from Namco tomorrow, February 2 — the date the site teased on day two.

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  • FinalFantasy_fangirl

    Im shocked their releasing both!!

  • I’m speechless.

    Nobody here can understand how happy I am right now.

    • Blades64

      OHHH I UNDERSTAND YOU! I’M LITERALLY ON THE BRINK OF TEARS. :D Considering I am one of the Facebook fighters and My most wanted game of the Tales games is Vesperia. I understand you perfectly Sal!

      • Heres another facebook fighter!!!

      • AdamBoy64

        Yes, I understand what you mean. I never thought a game announcement would bring me to tears of happiness, let alone the hint of a possibility of a game announcement..

        Please, let this be true!

    • I love Scrawlfx precisly because i feel like u r just like us Sal, u not have problem to say that u r a Rpg lover like most of us here, and that make me feel so close to this site, like we are a bunch of friends, sorry if i get too emotive but have to say it. And yessssssssssssss i cant freaking wait till tomorrow, i hope this be what it looks like!!!1

      • dart2087

        Vesperia?…… VESPERIA!!!!!!!!!!

      • dart2087

        Palitococo I can’t believe… we win!

  • Jackle

    I’m so happy right now!

  • TalesOf_STI

    Im speachless… I can’t wait till tomorrow … tears of joy here..

  • AdamBoy64

    Oh freaking freak. What on earth. Lolz.. is this happening..?
    Vesperia is my favourite game.. But I can’t get my hopes up too much yet..
    Musn’t get too excited.

    What the hell. Seriously. This is… I doubt i’ll be able to sleep tonight.. lolz.
    No, I must know for sure. See what tomorrow brings.

  • todr06

    I’ve never been more happy to have been wrong in my entire life. Good game, Namco!

  • Hypno Physics

    No turning back now, It’s actually going to happen. I think tomorrow will be the greatest day EVER for any RPG/Tales’ follower.

  • talesoffan

    This is too much awesome. I can’t believe it.

  • Shikinami

    It’s 2 AM over here but after seeing this I might not be able to sleep tonight.

  • Zero

    Well, I’ll be excited to see what they announce officially tomorrow.

    Let’s hope everything we think is announced, in fact is!

    • Shikinami


    • AdamBoy64

      Oh man. If they announced one Tales game, I would die.
      If they announced two..

      • dart2087

        …you reborn!

  • Chaos Raiden

    Can’t wait for both Tales games. ^_^

  • iJad

    Come on, Namco gives some love. GEEEZ, Tomorrow I be working and get college at morning, so i’m going to keep my eyes on Scrawl from my iphone all day. I aana find out which this BIG secret count countdown hold.

  • Revorse

    With all this snow in Chicago and the possibility of Tales news….the world might be ending.

  • publishing 2 from software games and now they’re also bringing 2 tales games on the west?

    pinch me if im dreaming? O_O

  • aelmore1990

    This is good news. I’ve been wanting to play Vesperia ever since a PS3 release came out in Japan and their were talks of localization. Hopefully there is trophy support.

  • anime10121

    I just pray that all these teases actually mean the actual product that they’re teasing. I love NamcoBandai but they are masters at disappointment when it comes to Tales of games, but BOY DO I HOPE IM WRONG:P

  • well, i don’t like to jump into conclusion before namcobandai says anything. but seriously, i’ve got tired with all the hype over all the place. ow pardon me…

    first, the logo changed everyday. does that mean they will release all of them? well, to think localize needs time even FF XIII takes 3 months.

    now vesperia, how funny. they can do it in 2009-2010. vesperia is so far much easier to localize than graces. since they just use translated text and voice from xbox360 version. and they just add some skit, and event dialogue involve patty and flynn. seriously not that hard, it’s just “added” not “changed” and both of the character existence doesn’t affect much to main story line. it’s still the same as xbox360 version. ow well… i think western fans should get graces rather than vesperia. since vesperia have been released on xbox360 before, nothing much to see in ps3 except some flashy new hi-ougi, flynn and loli character that you can watch on youtube. and graces never had been localized before, so it’s good chance western fans to know graces better.

    if both are localized, let’s hope it will sells well…

    • AdamBoy64

      Well, it’s probably not a bad idea for them to localise Vesperia PS3 in the West… minimal effort, for hopefully a lot of sales.

      It’s true though, from a gamers perspective, it would be better for a ‘new’ game to be localised.

      For me, personally, I’d rather have Vesperia PS3 over Graces F.

      The reason being – with Graces F, unfortunately, about 6 months ago, I was on a Tales fan site when someone let out a massive game-breaking spoiler, and since then, I haven’t been that interested in the game. Totally ruined it for me. I’m sure i’ll eventually get over it, but anyway – people who do that sort of thing are pathetic.

      Still, I hope Graces F gets localised as that’s the better option, all things considered.

      But yes, here’s hoping Graces F gets localised for you as well. I guess it’s only a matter of hours now before we find out.

      • spoiler? you get it when you play the demo, lol~ namcobandai is the one who start it btw.

        Graces ƒ for me as well? oh no, not like that. i’ve played japanese version so i might not bother with western release, but i can help increase the sales by buying the game again. well my brother can’t read japanese so i might give it to him.

        • AdamBoy64

          Ah well, thankfully in that sense I don’t know japanese, so I didn’t got any spoilers from the demo. All I saw was a bunch of people shouting random things, and an ultra fast battle system. Didn’t particularly impress me too much, but that’s probably because I didn’t understand anything.

          Okay, the wait is getting intense..

    • Shikinami

      Personally I don’t see a reason why they won’t sell well. If those games come out in NA then it means that PS3 owners worldwide will also be able to play them. I don’t live in NA but you can count on me to get both, or Vesperia at the very least.

  • Hypno Physics

    So somebody is giving thumbs down cause we’re excited about Tales? And I thought this site was Troll free. Shame.

    • BizarreJelly

      Where there’s a thumbs up/thumbs down systeme…There’s always thumbs down for no reason whatsoever :P

  • I’m still optimistic on Namdai saving this announcement for next week.

    If not, then damn, we’ve been trolled.