Silent Hill 8 titled Downpour; first details
posted on 01.07.11 at 10:32 PM EDT by (@salromano)

Silent Hill 8, originally announced and trailered at E3 2010, has had a title change. The game, in development at Vatra Games and set to arrive later this year, has been officially titled Silent Hill: Downpour. The latest issue of Game Informer has a new preview on the title.

The demo shown to the magazine took place in the outskirts of Silent Hill. Apparently, the town is so large that the developers implemented a subway system for players to travel between points. The area explored in Downpour is the southeastern part of Silent Hill seen on maps, but never explored, in past games. Locations such as schools and hospitals will not return.

There will be various side-quests for the player to take on.

On combat, players can avoid fights when it’s possible (run, scaredy cat, run). Boss battles, on the other hand, aren’t avoidable and will enforce quick-time events when needed. Weapons used against enemies will weaken and break; there is no weapon inventory.

As the title may have suggested, water plays a huge role in Downpour. It’ll be to the game what ice and snow were to Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.

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  • Very interesting. I enjoyed the Ice idea in Shattered Memories, so having a similar mechanism with water definately sounds like a good idea. That and I always like to see good rain effects in a game any time!

    Degradable weapons are always a cause for debate with fans, as are QTE’s. I personally do not mind either as long as they are implemented well. I like how combat can be avoided though; the focus should always be on the atmosphere rather than trying to become an action game.

    The only thing I read which I didn’t like is that “schools and hospitals will not return”. That said, I am all for exploring new areas of Silent Hill and would not just like the same places over and over. Still, there’s something about a Hospital, or at least a medical setting, which is synoymous with the SH series.

    Anyway, Downpour it is. Hmm, it might not sound as harrowing as “Shattered Memories” or “Homecoming”, but it obviously works with its water theming. Roll on some new gameplay!

  • madpuppy

    Is the protagonist an escaped convict?

    • xMCXx

      Yep, his tranport bus crashes wherein he escapes and lands in Silent Hill. Would propably better if he stayed in the bus if you ask me xD