Anarchy Reigns introduces Sasha, the Ice Queen - Gematsu
Anarchy Reigns introduces Sasha, the Ice Queen
posted on 01.31.11 at 04:15 PM EST by (@salromano)

Our first look at a character other than MadWorld‘s Jack Cayman in Anarchy Reigns comes from Famitsu today, detailing a female named Sasha. She’s an Ice Queen.

Sasha makes use of “Snow Spikes,” a weapon which creates sharp ice crystals in the blink of an eye. It’s her “deadliest weapon,” apparently. A clip of her putting them to work, as well as the first gameplay footage of Anarchy Reigns in general, can be seen below.

Anarchy Reigns is out this Fall for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It’s a third-person multiplayer brawler in development at Platinum Games, whose past credentials include Bayonetta and Vanquish.

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    PLATINUM* is the world’s best developer. VANQUISH & BAYONETTA are two of the best games ever created. PERFECT MASTERPIECES. I’m not that crazy about ANARCHY REIGNS, just because I’m not into multiplayer (too mindless / repetitive / I don’t have the time with too many games always lined up to play). I do like co-op & different takes on multiplayer (loke JOURNEY). Kamiya-san, PLEASE BLESS THE WORLD WITH A PS3/360 ‘OKAMI SPIRITUAL SUCCESSOR NEXT’! I bow to the masters at P*…

    • Otaku_83

      Agree with you all the way mate, Bayonetta was one dam awesome action game that deserves a sequel in the future.

    • Kobracon

      Just wait for Okamiden for the DS. I know I am :)

  • I hardly call Vanquish a masterpiece. It was a lot of fun but very repetitive. Anyway, I look forward to Anarchy Reigns too.

    • Hypno Physics

      Agreed, Vanquish was fun for a few hours then it was dead. Wasnt too crazy for Bayonetta either.

  • aelmore1990

    Bayonetta was garbage

    • Otaku_83

      Bayonetta was no where near garbage, it also had some of the most epic boss battles i had ever seen in an action game.

      • Otaku_83

        The 2 people who disliked obviously sucked at Bayonetta. Don’t worry, i’m sure there are games out there for Amateurs such as yourselves with an easy mode all ready and waiting for ya, lol.

        • Hypno Physics

          I loved DMC, GoW, AND Ninja Gaiden, beat them all on their respective highest difficulty ( No easy feat, especially for DMC 3, GoW 2 And any Ninja Gaiden ) But I really honestly didnt like Bayonetta at all. Maybe it was the over the top sexual innuendo crap, or her just annoying after the first few hours, Im not but..I beat it, and was done with it.

    • Kobracon

      If that was followed by “I didn’t like DMC either”, then I would have accepted that. People have opinions. But the game itself was incredibly well designed with fighting as deep as a fighting games and boss battles to rival and perhaps already surpass that of God of War (all 3 of them)

      If you didn’t like it, I understand, but the game itself is NOT garbage.

    • Charlie

      Like many games out nowadays are better. HA!

  • This looking good! Definately has that Bayonetta feel to it which is something I have always wanted more of since playing the game. I didn’t think Vanquish was that good tbh; but to be fair, it wasn’t really my style to begin with. Bayonetta though was fantastic and this looks like it will have the same feel. Bring it on!

  • BizarreJelly

    I have no doubt in my mind that this will be a very fun game :) Platinum have a very good track record going for them so far.

    Also, calling Bayonetta garbage is ridiculous. Not liking it is one thing but it is a very well made & unique game, especially in our world of generic war first person shooters. Most certainly not garbage in any sense of the word.