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THQ reveals first Darksiders 2 details
posted on 11.08.10 at 06:46 PM EST by (@salromano)

THQ Core Games VP, Danny Bilson, has revealed first details on Darksiders 2 at the IGDA Leadership Forum in San Francisco last week. In the sequel, players won’t take control of the first game’s protagonist, War, but instead control a different protagonist who’s story is within the same time-frame.

“It’s a different character and takes place simultaneously to the first game’s story, because there’s only one apocalypse, and has new mechanics and features that differentiate it a lot and grow it from the first game,” said Bilson.

“You have to build on the first one; you can’t repeat it and I think that’s very important in franchise building.”

Darksiders 1 sold 1.3 million copies when it launched on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 early this year. According to Bilson, Darksiders 2 will have to do more if a third game is to be considered.

“If Darksiders 2 does 1.3 million there won’t be a third one. If it doesn’t grow, it just won’t support itself financially.”

Darksiders 2, while confirmed by THQ execs such as Bilson, has yet to receive an official announcement. Stay tuned for future updates.

Thanks, IGN.

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  • TruTrini4LYFE

    I really enjoyed Darksiders. Can’t wait to get new details on Darksiders 2

  • Ken

    Didnt they just say Darksiders2 would be a real long time offf? Then, a few days laters they got deets to share, it’s so interesting how timing can work in the crazy videogame world.

  • xMCXx

    WTF? “In the same time frame”?

    *Spoiler Alert*

    Didn’t you see the other Horsemen at the end of the game?
    Why won’t they continue the story?

    *Spoiler end*

  • tool-parabola

    Darksiders is a great gime. It may not original but it is not a problem if you can borrow dynamics to use them well. I have high hopes for second game. On the other side, it doesn’t make sense to change the protagonist. We helped War to gain new powers, we evaluated him. We have to continue to control War.

  • Yuri4prez

    Always thinking about the money! I wish Activision would do this with COD.
    Modern Warfare sold 8 million copies, so, If Grenade ops doesn’t sell 9 million, we won’t make them anymore.

  • Rezar

    Darksiders was one of the biggest letdowns of 2010 next to Metroid Other M. For me Darksiders couldn’t really carry itself and got boring after an hour and a half. Sad thing is when I first saw the game revealed back in Game Informer I was looking forward to it. Plus Bayonetta was released that same day and it was much better. If THQ wants Darksiders 2 to do good in sales trying releasing in it the summer when nothing good comes out. Of course I’m talking about a few years down the road.


    DARKSIDERS IS ONE OF THE BEST GAMES EVER MADE. A visionary gothic art fantasy masterpiece. Do yourself a favor & buy a (NEW) copy of this. These are the kinds of games everyone should be supporting…