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Sly Collection includes Sly 4 teaser trailer
posted on 11.14.10 at 02:54 PM EST by (@salromano)

Believe it or not, the recently released Sly Collection for PlayStation 3, which includes the first three games in the franchise, contains a teaser trailer for Sly 4.

No joke.

See it for yourself below.

Notice the use of Sly’s cane as a question mark. We’re going to send an e-mail Sony’s way to see what’s up with that. Although, we don’t think they’d include a trailer for a game fans have been clamoring for and not make it. That’s just rude.

In the mean time…. oh my God, it’s Sly 4!

Thanks, DamnLag.

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  • Blackmage456

    so much win!

  • TheronGuard00

    Could this be the multi million dollar franchise Sony was talking about?

  • Tmillyo88

    Nice to hear this. I thought the franchise was pratically retired. Hope the length of the game is longer this time around. The “?” probably refers to the game’s subtitle. All of the Sly games have had a subtitle on them.