Sega on Shenmue III: “Never say never”
posted on 11.02.10 at 09:34 AM EDT by (@salromano)

Sega’s re-lit the flame for those hoping for a sequel to 2002’s Dreamcast and Xbox release Shenmue II. A recent CVG article asking its subscribers whether or not they’d purchase a copy of Shenmue III, were it to be made, attracted the attention of Sega.

“While at present we have no plans for the franchise [on next-gen consoles], the response to CVG’s question has certainly shown the Shenmue legacy ignites a lot of passion among fans,” Sega told CVG. “Never say never…”

Sega’s said in the past that they want to make a third Shenmue, but are worried about sales. They’d be happy to do it if someone were to endorse them for development, in return for console exclusivity, we’re assuming. Microsoft or Sony: jump at that.

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  • This is one of those dream games for me, and I will never give up hope!

  • please sony pick this game up and advertise the hell out of it. if games like Megaman Legends 3, Duke Nukem Forever get’s a green lit. i don’t know why this game won’t.

  • TheronGuard00

    Sony…..pick that shit up. This guy on gametrailers always used to “leak me gaming news.” He always tried to tell me that Sony had Skies of Arcadia II and Shenmue III under wraps. Good times…

    I’m still wish that the early name for a sony game ‘Angel Rings’ would be unveiled; being the Legend of Dragoon successor.

    A man can dream…

    • I’m always hearing people go on about a Legend of Dragoon sequel. I’ve honestly never played it.

      Hopefully they’ll release it on the PlayStation Store so I can give it a go.

      And yeah, I remember those Skies of Arcadia rumors. Those were the days.

    • TheronGuard00

      Legend of Dragoon is great. The battle system has some unique perks that really set it apart from the overwhelming amount of turn based JRPGS of that golden age…I love them all though. I’m almost positive they will release it on PSN sooner or later.

      They released Alundra! Which is a classic I didn’t see coming….CLASSIC.

  • Soiggrel

    Sony should definetly pick Shenmue, and not just simply release part III, but add part I and II, since they use Blue-Ray plenty of space, and that way they would give fans (like myself) another excuse other than been an epic RPG, but HD, trophies, you name it and be able to play part III of this masterpiece game ..will also give newcomers a chance to experience a game that they will remember for the years to come.

    Sal, you should try “Legend of the Dragoon” if you ever get a chance, great RPG, unique battle system, epic story ..i still have my copy, mint condition, no scratches, original case and manual XD


    SHENMUE 3 FOR PS3/360 P L E A S E !!!!!!