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Gran Turismo 5 races home
posted on 11.24.10 at 01:26 PM EST by (@salromano)

It’s finally here. Five years after the game’s initial announcement, Sony Computer Entertainment and Polyphony Digital have released Gran Turismo 5 to retailers.

“Over the past five years, the team of designers and engineers at Polyphony Digital have worked to set new standards in graphics, presentation, and gameplay within the Gran Turismo franchise,” said Scott A. Steinberg, Vice President of Product Marketing, SCEA. “With Gran Turismo 5, the development team has set a new bar in the racing genre with more than 1,000 vehicles, new racing modes and features, and a robust online community. We are excited to offer loyal fans a racing experience that remains unmatched.”

Gran Turismo 5 includes a load of features, including the ability to create tracks, kart racing, NASCAR cars and tracks, an “extremely deep” online community, an arcade mode, a photo mode, weather effects, over 1,000 cars, over 20 tracks with over 70 variations, and so much more.

If you’re still considering whether or not to bite, here’s what the critics are saying:

Gran Turismo 5 is out now exclusively for PlayStation 3.

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  • Gmastershief

    GameReactor – 7/10 !!!
    JeuxVideo – 7/10 !!!
    Just by watching in-game screens of Gran Turismo 5 I’ll give a 9/10.

  • AdamBoy64

    Well, I very rarely trust review sites anyway. A low rating cold well be just a grab for hits.

    Will either of you guys be giving your thoughts on the game?

  • incredibilistic

    I was convinced that I was going to own this on day one but after finding out a few things I think I’m gonna hold off.

    First off, only the premium cars have interior dashboard views. Also, the premium cars are the only cars with picture perfect renders. Other cars have low-res textures and aren’t as detailed as the premium cars. Same goes for the damage effects on anything that’s not premium.

    Maybe I’m asking too much but after 5 years I expect perfection. Polyphony doesn’t usually disappoint in the meticulous detail department but knowing that they only applied that insane sense of detail to only part of the game makes me less excited.

    I’m sure it’s still a great game and probably the best looking console game on the market but it only applies to “some” of the game rather than all of it.

    • Gmastershief

      We talk here exactly with 1031 cars (and over 20 tracks with over 70 variations on one disc), GRAN TOURISMO 5 features the most
      licensed vehicles in the racing genre, at least until GT6 comes out ‘^^