Xbox LIVE Silver renamed to Xbox LIVE Free
posted on 10.20.10 at 11:04 PM EDT by (@salromano)

Xbox LIVE’s non-Gold, free service is no longer known as Xbox LIVE Silver. Microsoft’s revealed today that the free option for its online service has now been renamed to simply Xbox LIVE Free.

Xbox LIVE Free will still include the same features it featured when it was named Xbox LIVE Silver. The name change is merely cosmetic, Microsoft’s confirmed.

The name change is currently in effect on the redesigned, however, won’t land on the Xbox 360 dashboard until the system’s upcoming Fall dashboard update.

Thanks, Gamasutra.

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  • AdamBoy64

    I like this name change. I remember when I first started using the 360, I was pretty confused how there was no ‘Xbox Live Bronze’, just gold and silver. Didn’t make a great deal of sense.

    I assumed initially I was on a trial run on ‘Silver’ before being put down to Bronze.. and then confused when it didn’t happen.

  • I suppose this ties in well with the new ‘streamlined’ theme of the new (which looks great) and coming dashboard update. As a name change, it works well and is to the point. I never had any problem at launch distinquishing between the two services, but I did notice the lack of a ‘Bronze’ service as mentioned above.

    I take it though that XBL Gold is staying simply as “Gold” and not as something such as ‘premium’ or ‘plus’ (like PSN).