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Final Fantasy XIII – team talks cancelled DLC, possible sequel
posted on 10.02.10 at 11:35 AM EST by (@salromano)

As was done with other Final Fantasy titles, Final Fantasy XIII recently received its own ‘Ultimania Omega’ book in Japan. The book contains interviews and behind-the-scenes discussions with the development team, revealing interesting new details.

The team had planned downloadable content, titled ‘Seventh Ark’, for Final Fantasy XIII. Originally, the downloadable content was intended to be included in the full game, but it was taken out after the team’s hectic development schedule caught up to them. The area would’ve been accessible through the third warp gate in Orphan’s Cradle. Although, after technical problems reared their ugly heads, including those involved with PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360’s different download platforms, the team cancelled the project. On top of that, the team did not believe the content would live up to expectations. The book contains two screenshots showing the a work-in-progress version of the cancelled location.

Also in the book: producer Yoshinori Kitase touched upon a Final Fantasy XIII sequel, as well. He said that if there’s demand, it could very well happen. For now, though, the team has moved onto their next project. Kitase wants them to steadily be able to release a new game every two years.

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  • Though FFXIII has developed a rather love/hate reputation, I’m sure most would appreciate a sequel if one were to be made. I know I would; even if only to see what SE are willing to do with the FFXIII world and respond to certain criticisms people have raised. More than that, I did enjoy the story and world of the game, with the only thing I didn’t care for been the insane-linearity of the game. A sequel which is less linear but carries on the same story/theme as the original would be great in my book.

    It’s also a shame about the DLC, but obviously there’s nothing we can do about that. What you never had, you can’t miss!

    • FinalFantasy_fangirl

      I enjoyed the story too.

  • interesting, though they should finish versus XIII, agito XIII, and kingdom hearts and dragon quest X first before doing any other sequel.

  • MrSound

    WTF release a new game every two years…
    stop screwing around SE!!!!!!
    I guess U r talking about PSP game N not for console!!!!

  • AiQi

    FF13 wasn’t so bad at all. Story was engaging and interesting – with a really slow start, but the ending was very rewarding. Not the best, but definitely not a bad game. A good sequel would be really appreciated.


    FF 13 is by far one of the best games EVER MADE. Immaculate art direction. I don’t care for DLC. I seriously can’t wait for VERSUS 13…

  • abful

    Good for the people who enjoyed the POS of a story FFXIII had. But they should keep that DLC to themselves. And take away all FF related projects from Toriyama for that matter.