Costume Quest XBLA Caption Contest Giveaway - Gematsu
Costume Quest XBLA Caption Contest Giveaway
posted on 10.29.10 at 09:28 PM EST by (@salromano)

Halloween’s this Sunday, folks, so tonight we’re running a proper new giveaway in celebration. Costume Quest — which we’ve recently awarded a 9/10 in our review earlier this week — is the game and we’ve got three of them to hand out.

How do you win? Like our Atelier Rorona giveaway, this is a caption contest. The picture below is your subject and of course, the funniest three captions will win.

All entries should be submitted via the comments. The giveaway ends Tuesday, November 2 at 6pm. So drop a line and hope for the best!

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  • Kkdog4Sado

    Damn Sal, no psn codes?

  • Skrams

    Monsters- How hard is it to find a robot, spaceman, and a knight? Fucking kids and their quests to take down monsters and wear costumes.

  • Gxgear

    “The three stooges versus the devil’s threesome, it’ll be anyone’s guess which side will come out on top”

  • thegingerfatone

    “The kids realised that they were in deep sh*t when they saw that the monsters had lips twice the size of their own bodies”

  • shifty

    “What to avoid when you are sneaking in an enemy position : GET A CAMOUFLAGE”

  • Cinner

    *Demon lady and green guy are engaged in conversation, thinking that red guy is paying attention*

    Red Guy (pondering): Did I turn off the coffee pot this morning?


    “You see, instead of stealing candy we should be stealing costumes.”

  • Reynold: Forget the heavily guarded candy up ahead guys. Look at all that sparkling, delicious trash!

  • hellweed

    I have good feeling about those bags. Sweet codes for games are inside.

  • meansparty

    “Hey, it still beats Trick-or-Treating at Neverland Ranch! Am I right, guys?….Guys?”

  • Fishsnot

    Green Guy: ….right and because I ate so much of this candy even my poop resembled a giant white marshmallow. So after finally squeezing that sucker out I was left with a dilemma.
    Witch: *Sigh* I can only imagine.
    Green Guy: So what should I do with this giant stinking sticky white mush? Can’t flush it away right, or I’m gonna back the toilet up again, then just as those pesky kids came snooping around, inspiration struck me.
    Witch: Really…This reminds me of the time when you first discovered toilet brushes thinking they were a great idea. It didn’t take you long to go back to using toilet paper again.
    Red Demon Guy: Haha
    Green Guy: Oh Yeah well for starters, I used your magic twig there, scooped that poop right out and hurled it straight at those little brats.
    Witch: Really! If what you say is true, then where is it.
    Green Guy: Hmmm well it must be around here somewhere.
    Red Demon Guy: *Eyes looking at the white substance on the wall and reeling back* WHAT THE….!!!

    Green Guy: Then I started on the jellies……
    Kid in Knight Armor: Listen you just gotta trust me o.k., You haven’t hit the jackpot like we thought. I got a hunch that, that isn’t “The sparkling mountain of goodness” you think it is.

  • kooplar

    space suit kid: “hey, whats over there? i cant see”
    blue knight kid: ” i dunno man, all i know is that im gana make like a stripper and split the fuck outa here”

  • Mr Mad Monkey

    Kid in robot costume: “Stay back, it’s a trap – looks like all fruit and toothbrushes.”

  • RubensCherub

    Big guy: “Aww Man, I thought you guys said we were going as the “Village People…”

  • Great entries so far, guys. Remember, the contest ends in approx. 4 hours, so be sure to enter if you’ve been holding off.

  • Tomasooie

    Witch to red monster: “Get off the tracks, Gumby. We’re expecting Punchinello soon with the last bags of candy.”

    “Grrr…Brenda, you never leave me alone! I wanna stand on the tracks! They feel good between my toes!”

  • The contest has ended and comments are now closed. Expect the three winners to be announced sometime tomorrow.