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Valkyria Chronicles 3 confirmed for TGS
posted on 09.12.10 at 11:58 AM EST by (@salromano)

Uh-oh. Looks like Sega’s gone and confirmed Valkyria Chronicles 3 before they could even make the announcement. Currently, an image in GIF format of a show schedule found on Sega’s TGS website reads a few of the company’s presentations as “Coming Soon”. However, changing the extension from GIF to JPG reveals just what those presentations are. If you hadn’t already guessed, it’s Valyria Chronicles 3.

Unfortunately, the table fails to reveal a platform.

See the table for yourself here. The game’s reveal is expected for September 16. Stay tuned.

Thanks, GAF.

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  • This has officially made my day. One of Sega’s best new IP’s in years imo, totally wonderful series.

    so, it’s gonna be shown at 5am GMT…gotta get up, gotta get up….

  • milramyah

    Yess!!! Please be on ps3.

  • xJOYCI3x

    This must be on PS3, please do not give this to Xbox 360. I want atleast some series of games to be exclusive to PS3. If this does come to 360 I have no idea how Sony got into this losing exclusives state.

  • RaDaMaNt


  • xJOYCI3x

    I bought Valkyria Chronicles 2 today and dam this game is awesome, at first i was abit concerned about this on PSP, but this game is amazing, Sega did a mighty fine job on Sony’s little handheld machine.

    I simply can not wait for Valkyria Chronicles 3, looking forward to all the TGS coverage on this and other games.

  • awesome :D

    hopefully they will add the elements from VCII and maybe and some new one? like camouflage, weather changes, day and night, and CO-OP as well :D