Supergiant announces original action RPG Bastion
posted on 09.02.10 at 10:43 AM EST by (@salromano)

Supergiant Games has revealed a brand new original action role-playing game in development at their studio this morning. Titled Bastion, the game pits the players in a fight for civilization’s last stand in glorious 1080p visuals painted with colorful environments.

In Bastion, the player’s goal is to construct a save haven after an cataclysmic event broke up the world into a number of floating islands. In doing so, players will search for survivors, gather supplies, fight strange enemies, customize weapons, and gain new powers. All of this is narrated by a mysterious narrator who reacts to the player’s actions as they do them.

“Our goal with Bastion is to hit players’ emotional chords in unexpected ways, in addition to delivering highly responsive gameplay that rewards finesse and experimentation,” said game industry veteran Greg Kasavin, Supergiant Games’ Creative Director. “We’re pushing to make it so that players become absorbed in the game’s distinctive setting and narrative tone from the first moments.”

Bastion will be on display at PAX in Seattle starting tomorrow September 3 and running through September 5. Be sure to give it a go if you’re there.

Bastion will be out in 2011 for “digital platforms”. No word on what exactly what those platforms are, yet.

Check out the first screenshots at the gallery. The debut trailer can be found below.

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