PS3 firmware v3.50 to add 3D blu-ray playback next week - Gematsu
PS3 firmware v3.50 to add 3D blu-ray playback next week
posted on 09.16.10 at 02:33 AM EST by (@salromano)

Straight out of Sony’s Tokyo Game Show press conference, the company’s announced that PlayStation 3 firmware v3.50 is to hit the PlayStation Network next week on September 21. The update will allow the system to playback 3D content from blu-ray 3D discs.

In late April, Sony added the ability to play 3D games via a firmware update with v3.30.

According to Eric Lempel, Sony’s VP of Network Operations in the Americas, “there will be a few additional features.” We’ll hear more about those on Monday, though. Hopefully, they’re good new features.

Blu-ray 3D Disc Playback Support Coming to PlayStation 3 System Next Week [PlayStation.Blog]

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  • AdamBoy64

    Wow. Whoa. For some reason, I found that really left-field.
    Good news for those digging the 3D scene.

    Loving the TGS Coverage to guys… thanks heaps.

  • AdamBoy64

    ‘Coverage also guys’… I think you knew what I meant though.

  • Yuri4prez

    3-D is great and all, but where is our cross game chat Sony? Why am I still paying for PSN+?

    • incredibilistic

      You’re paying for PSN+ because you want what the free service doesn’t offer: discounts, free Qore episodes, early access to demos/betas before they’re released to the masses, free themes, etc.

      I would say that if you don’t care about any of that stuff then don’t pay for it. Otherwise I think it’s a great deal if you download (read: pay for) a lot of stuff from the PS Store and/or are too impatient to wait for demos/betas that will eventually become available anyway.