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Project Dark trailer looks just like Demon’s Souls
posted on 09.17.10 at 06:30 PM EST by (@salromano)

Bet you wouldn’t have guessed it, but the debut teaser trailer for Project Dark — the latest project from the Demon’s Souls team at From Software — looks just like, well, Demon’s Souls. Or Demon’s Souls 2 with a different name.

GameSpot was able to record it when it was shown to the audience during Sony’s TGS keynote. Unfortunately, for us viewers at home, the stream went black as soon as the trailer came on.

View the clip below:

We’re guessing Project Dark is merely a codename until an official name is announced. Could this be Demon’s Souls 2? It was rumored a while back, however, From denied it.

Whatever it is, Project Dark is out for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 next year. Namco Bandai is publishing the game in the west.

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  • hell yeah :D

    this looks like a combination of Moster Hunter and Shadow of the Colossus with Demon Soul’s atmosphere

    fucking awesome :)

  • salisdedicated

    So stoked for this game. DS was an absolutely epic game and this looks to be a souped up version. I just want more weapons and armor variation and maybe a little graphical touch up. other than that, leave it hard as hell, and focus on that awesome multiplayer and DS2 will really dominate… It would be awesome if they recognized game saves from DS1 with some kind of in game perk.

    • You know, I still laugh every time I read your name. >__<

    • Tactical-RPG-fan

      lol that is a pretty cool name and it’s true what it says. I don’t even go to ign or gamespot anymore, Scrawl is my new home and sal this site is the best.
      I’m not new to the site, i was registered under xJOYCI3x & SE-FINAL-FANTASY awhile ago. I do seem to have a habbit of changing my name here and there so please forgive me lol.

    • RolePlayingGames

      I agree with you on the graphical touch up with DS, the character creation models are just aweful. The game was epic but i could never create a character that looked cool, no matter what i tried they all looked ugly lol.

  • Looks fine, lets see if this can really put in the next level this great studio.

  • vic_viper

    I dig the focus on Japanese games this site has. Also like the lack of trolls. Keep it up.