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Nomura tweets about Final Fantasy Versus XIII and multiplatform development
posted on 09.07.10 at 09:03 PM EST by (@salromano)

Following Final Fantasy XIII‘s announcement for Xbox 360 in Japan, Square Enix director Tetsuya Nomura tweeted about multiplatform development for Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

“Multiplatform is when you start development on a game with the assumption of optimizing for multiple platforms,” Nomura wrote. “Porting is something that’s done after you’ve developed a game specifically for a particular platforms. The debate over porting is decided by the management based off the current market and the costs. All I can say right now as a developer is that Versus is being developed specifically for the PlayStation 3.”

Interesting tweet, Nomura. But why?

Thanks, Andriasang.

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  • go-go-boy

    I KNEW IT i smelt it coming there gonna port over VS 13 theres no hiding it and i had respect 4 nomura…….. not anymore Japans whole Honor thing is something in the past……. screw u square enix SCREW YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well its kool VS 13 will be my Final Fantasy becuz im sick of theme treating ps3 users like the red headed step child the Wii has square enix exclusive the xbox 360 has square enix exclusive but NOOOO ps3 can’t have one NOT ONE….. square enix games are fail this generation anyways im moving on tired of emo 16 year olds with steroid swords and token black guys.

    • Yuri4prez

      Come to think of it, you are right. The PS3 has not had a SQuare Exclusive to this day! Wow, this certainly sucks.

      Why would they do this?

  • Kurai Warrior

    Well now I have a utterly terrible feeling about this. Looks like the chances of Versus getting ported just went up quite a bit. I really don’t understand this. Why announce this as a PS3 exclusive and spout out continuously that it is a PS3 exclusive for 4 years, only to turn around and port it anyway. That’s what I don’t like, I don’t like the false hope, lies, and bs. If you want to make a game multiplat, announce it from the beginning, don’t mess with a fanbase for years and then change your mind. i know this isn’t a confirmed port, but this isn’t making the chances look so good of it staying exclusive.

  • Microsoft is holding a pre-TGS press conference today in Japan.

    The timing of this tweet and the presser would make it just right for a multiplatform announcement.

    • Kurai Warrior

      Yeah…like I said…this doesn’t look good.
      After Versus, I’m taking a break from SE, too much BS with them. I’ll only buy a game from them if it is LEGITIMATELY good.

  • DjangoRaijin

    He pretty much confirmed the port with that bullshit choice of words. Japan may have just lost their last piece of respect from me trying to take away the Tales games and now betraying the Sony fanbase is just to much

  • xJOYCI3x

    I am a huge believer in everything good but eventually come to an end, Sony was king with the Final Fantasy series and now that there main stream games are coming to the 360 I don’t think Final Fantasy will ever be as good as what we grew up with. Final Fantasy XIII with all it’s development time was the most dissapointing Final Fantasy game i have ever played. Sorry to fans who disagree with me.

  • Zero

    Making games costs more these days, which is why everything is going multiplatform. It just makes sense, you reach more people and get more money back.

    Usually it isnt even the devs who get a say so, the business team work out deals and do whats best for the company, not the game.

    That’s just how things work, and Square-Enix is no different. It might be a timed exclusive in Japan, like FF13 apparently was.

    The only thing that puzzles me about a possible 360 version is….well from everything I’ve read about this game, would it even be possible to have the game on the 360?

    There are many PS3 exclusives, that are only on the ps3 because they just couldn’t be played on the 360, I always felt like Versus was going to be one of those.

    With that said, if Microsoft waves the fee for multiple discs, gives Square-Enix some love money, and pays for the advertisement like they seemed to do for FF13, it wouldn’t surprise me if it happened.

    They would still have to lower the quality of the visual and audio some, like they did with FF13.

    • go-go-boy

      yea i understand that it cost money but right now all i am seeing is greed for the simple fact square enix has given 360 exclusives and the Wii and has never said nothing about money then but when ps3 has a exclusive its gotta go multiplatform no it sounds more like square doesn’t have trust for the ps3 fanbase because im sure u can’t name one square enix ps3 exclusive not one but u can with Wii and xbox 360 these japanese game companys think that all westerns own a xbox so they either create a sad excuse for a western game that blows or they port a game that was originally on ps3 to xbox 360 because there trying to attract a crowd who don’t give 2 shits about there games but all im saying is square should let ps3 have this 1 its only fair these japanese game companys are getting on my nerves especially square enix.

  • AiQi

    Will buy PS3 version anyway, even if they release it for Xbox ( have both consoles ). Why ? FF13 on Xbox was tragic… ( disc changing, no HD, compressed movies etc. ). If i have a choice – it’s always PS3.

  • Yuri4prez

    Well, maybe since it might be ported, that means the game that is being developed for the PS3 will stay the same. No cut content.

    I just hope that they don’t deside to make a multi- console release for Versus, otherwise, we will have to wait for god knows how long to even play the game!

    We’ll see what happens I guess.

  • Zero

    Response to a few of these comments. It is well known that Sony does not like to pay for any console exclusives. They just don’t do that.

    The wii exclusives from SE were Nintendo based franchises, or simply not PS3 quality material.

    I do understand where you are coming from go-go-boy, it does seem that way, and heck, maybe your right?

    I do know the PS3 got off to a slow start, and the Japanese game developers, have fallen kinda behind the times.

    This really isn’t anyone’s fault. The 360’s success in Japan is all over the place, sometimes its decent, then a week later a report comes out saying some store has stopped carrying 360’s, etc.

    The Gamers and most of the audience in Japan did not jump on the 360 when it released, or the PS3 until the price dropped. Most of them stuck to portable gaming, which has lead many studios in Japan to make hit games for PSP/DS.

    Examples- Monster Hunter, Dragon Quest, Kingdom Hearts, VC 2, the list goes on and on.

    This also applied to Square-Enix, which is why it took them so damn long to make FF13, they had to start from scratch with a new engine on the PS3.

    The 360 is far easier to develop games for, and Microsoft Japan took the opportunity to get some timed/ non timed exclusives from not only Square, but Namco-Bandai and a few other studios.

    Where the 360 in Japan is not popular, the console wars are far more balanced in america and europe, its a simple business choice to try and cram any game on the 360. Hell if the wii could do it, they would make it happen.

    The PS3 has not had many Japanese exclusive games to be honest. Not counting some of the random shovel ware junk of course.

    And out of the few, only a small handful have come to america/europe. As the 360 starts to show its age, things are slowly changing. And now that the PS3 is better established worldwide, we will see more exclusives for it, including from Japan.

    I don’t think Square-Enix has lost faith in sony or anything like that. They work very closely with Level 5 which is SCEJ studio on Dragon Quest and other titles, the relationship is good there.

    The developers can only promise so much to the fans, I’m sure most of the 13 team did not want the game to be downgraded and released for the 360, the business team however, they don’t think about the game, fans, or any of that, they think about how to make the most money from a product.

    If Versus does go to the 360, it doesn’t sound like it would be well supported from Nomura or the team, not to say they don’t like the 360, but having to see the game they worked so hard on downgraded is not cool.

    Remember Kojima-san saying that was why MGS4 did not go to 360? He refused to let it be downgraded, out of respect for the game, fans, and devs. Where Kojima has quite a bit of power, other developers are not so lucky. And everything business runs things a bit different.

    • DeVitowned

      Correction: Level-5 is not an SCEJ studio, but an independant studio known to have a close relationship with Sony, having developed the White Knight Chronicles and Dark Cloud IPs. Rumored due to a “falling out” because of the cancellation of Xbox exclusive MMO Forever Fantasy, Level-5 has not been working on any exclusive or multiplatform IPs for the Microsoft brand. However, they do work with Nintendo on the Professor Layton series.

      At this point, I’d say it is inevitable FF Vs 13 will see life on the 360. I’ve lost respect for Square-Enix ever since the merger. Far gone are the glory days of Squaresoft where quality and vision took priority over greed.

      It makes little sense to me, as someone pointed out already, why there are Xbox 360 exclusives as well as Wii exclusives, yet no PlayStation 3 exclusives. The 360 and Wii installed base is larger (360 not by much), however, the strongest sales are coming from the PS3 users, of which have only been granted FFXIII and Star Ocean as well as Nier currently. Square’s ignoring of their strongest supporting market appears to be financial suicide, so the only logical excuse for exclusivity is moneyhatting. Of course, Capcom (Crapcom as far as quality this generation) and Namco-Bandai (as I prefer to call Scamco) have followed much the same path as Square-Enix.

      I have little faith in the future for the Japanese game industry as a whole. They’ve lost their unity in xenophobic isolationism, which made their contribution to gaming unique. Now, they are looking to adopt Western design principles (more like lack thereof). Final Fantasy has gone Western. Resident Evil has gone Western. Devil May Cry will go Western with the next release. Only Itigaki, Kojima, Fumito Ueda, Goichi Suda and the creative minds at Platinum Games are the last few lights left in a bleak Japanese game scene.

  • i still doubt it would come on the 360.

    i just feel it idk that’s just me.

    will get the PS3 version hopefully the it won’t dumb down the project IF it gets multiplatform

  • ohh and Sal they just announced a sequel to Dissida called Dissidia Duodecim. i thought you might wanna know :D

  • Zero

    @ DeVitowned Yeah, I didn’t mean that level 5 was owned by Sony. Just that they work very closely with them.

    I thought i did a pretty good job at explaining the lack of ps3 exclusives. I’ll do a pretty simple tl of my above points.

    Time, and money….

    The PS3 gave developers across the world problems early on, and with the JP studios already behind the times, it took them longer to get familiar with it. I think we will start to see more PS3 exclusives as time goes on, the PS3 will continue to get a stronger game library, where MS who has put so much hope on kinect has fizzled out.

    And the wii exclusives were Nintendo only for the most part (Crystal Chronicles etc), the 360 only got a few true exclusives from Square-Enix, and most of them were brought to ps3 with more features and what not down the road.

    The lack of JRPGs on the 360, wii, and PS3 is disturbing, but just a prime example of how the devs in Japan were/are still catching up. Where the PSP/DS is full of JRPGS these days.

    • DeVitowned

      Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll see an influx of exclusive games migrating to the PS3, simply due to:

      A) Sony refusing to pay for exclusivity
      B) Microsoft paying for timed exclusivity/financing third-party exclusives (especially from Square-Enix, Crytek and Epic)
      C) Most third-party developers, including Namco-Bandai, Capcom, Konami and Tecmo-Koei, and Ubisoft looking to maximize profits
      D) Most Japanese PS3 exclusives never find localization for NA/EU territories

      This generation, third party studios seem to focus more on profits than on creativity, churning out an ocean of me-too experiences and an oversaturation of First Person Shooters, while exclusive games and pushing boundaries go hand in hand. Sony with its arsenal of first-party studios manages to succeed in innovation while Microsoft and Nintendo generally play it safe with their tried-and-true “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” formulas and limited first party. If this upcoming movement (no pun intended) for motion control catches on, we’re going to see an even bigger rift in gaming than the technical differences caused earlier this generation, due to the differences in Move/Wii and Kinect. We’ll see exclusive games for Move as well as Kinect, but will this interest anyone other than the casual?

      One further note I wanted to express before I sidetracked myself (lol) with talking about first-party exclusives and motion control, is the potential signs that exclusivity is coming to an end. Nomura is very pro-Sony, wanting to make FF Vs XIII exclusively for the PS3, however, he’s admitted the control over the future of his game is out of his hands, seemingly making multiplat inevitable. Tomonobu Itigaki, a feverish Xbox fanatic, is making his next game The Devil’s Third, for PS3, 360 and PC (I think…bear with me, I’ve not a perfect memory). Gabe “The Cake Eater” Newell, a PC fanatic who also supports the 360, is opening up Valve’s development future to the PS3 (in a way that might make the games equal to the PC Steam counterparts in features, claiming the 360 is too closed). BioWare has opened itself up to developing for all platforms (except PSP, strangely). The final nail in the third party exclusivity coffin will be, if it ever happens, that Hideo Kojima himself (not just members of his production team) finally goes multiplatform.

  • Zero

    I agree on everything going multi platform. I just think the games are going to outgrow what the 360 can handle soon, which will open the door for sony.

    Nice to discuss opinions with other gamers though, I think we all want the same thing, just view things a but different. Nothing wrong with that though, if we were all the same life would be boring.

    I don’t think innovation is going to stop in games anytime soon, every year we see a great new idea put into games. It’s just tough these days for devs to do just that, take a risk. They have to try and convince the higher ups and usually get turned down. Sometimes it gets ugly, aka Infinity Ward.

    I’m still very hopeful when it comes to new Japanese exclusive games on the PS3. Even in the age of multi platform, i think the hardware in the PS3 gives it the edge, and we will start to see that in the next few years more often. We did last year with Uncharted 2, a game that only the PS3 (Or a PC) could run, win game of the year awards and crush the competition.

    • DeVitowned

      I’m with you on the PS3 having the technical edge among current consoles. Surely, the 360 is more capable than what has been delivered thus far, especially if its best looking game uses Unreal Engine 3 (I HATE Unreal Engine 3, it’s outdated, making everything look plastic and shiny). Perhaps we’ll finally see what it’s capable of with Crytek’s mysterious Project Kingdoms? Sadly, the 360’s potential will be restricted due to DVD-9 and lack of HDD on every console for the developers to utilize, which has already caused design issues (content cut from GTAIV, Resident Evil 5, Lost Planet 2 as well as FFXIII as a few examples).

      Reinforcing the technical superiority of the PS3, you continue to see a huge leap between the visual quality of its exclusives compared to the 360. Uncharted 2 looked incredible the first time I saw it on my 1080p TV, unlike anything I’d seen on consoles up to that point. Then, along came Heavy Rain with its incredible character models and God of War III. Infamous 2 and Killzone 3 will also raise the bar even further. It’s a shame multiplatform releases tend to be inferior on the PS3 when we know it’s capable of doing so much more. Such impressive displays of technology cost a lot of money, which most third-party developers don’t want to spend and aim for the pushing out a working (or sometimes not working at all) product for the least common denominator. Microsoft’s exclusives haven’t been so fortunate to have the same progression in quality, even going on its 5th year on the market.

      Still, even with technological superiority, do you think a generation of nickel-and-diming, multiplatform obsessed developers will consider making more exclusives for the PS3? There are too few visionaries left wanting to push a console to the limits when they can spend less money to make more than vice versa. Kojima characteristically, being a perfectionist as well as a developer jumping to whatever provides the best technology to support his vision, would be a candidate for PS3 exclusivity. Insomniac’s future for creating new, exclusive IPs for Sony is questionable now. Even Quantic Dream is uncertain. Who else is there yet to cross the multiplatform line? Hopefully Sucker Punch, David Jaffe’s Eat, Sleep, Play, Level-5 and FROM SOFTWARE (Demon’s Souls) will continue to deliver exclusives.

      Believe me, I hope to see more innovative, genre evolving, technology pushing exclusives for the PS3, but I remain a bit realistic in my expectations. Thankfully, there are a lot of great first/second party exclusives already in development that I can’t wait to get my hands on, especially InFamous 2 and The Last Guardian.

      By the way, feel free to send me a message on PSN sometime: ID is DeVitowned.

  • xJOYCI3x

    I don’t know what has happened to me over all these years, there was a time where I was so hyped when anew Final Fantasy was coming but now i’m starting not to care anymore. It’s happening with Versus XIII too, I just don”t get the same excitement as when the older games were released. However if Square get there act together and give me a FFVII remake than of course my hype for Final Fantasy games will certainly return. I’ll be buying Versus XIII but i’m not excited for it after playing through XIII.