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Nomura: No Kingdom Hearts III by 2012
posted on 09.28.10 at 11:07 AM EST by (@salromano)

Following a recent discussion with EGM, Nomura has told the latest issue of Dengeki PlayStation not to expect Kingdom Hearts 3 before 2012.

“2012 is the 10th anniversary of Kingdom Hearts,” Nomura told the magazine, “so we’d like to do something to celebrate. However, I’ll say this up front, just because it’s the 10th anniversary, we still won’t have Kingdom Hearts III out (laughs).”

That’s not too great to hear. Let’s hope we’ll at least have Final Fantasy Versus XIII by then, though, and maybe some solid information on Kingdom Hearts III shortly after.

Thanks, Andriasang.

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  • SuperGuyverUSA

    Me and a friend joked around saying that they should make a movie for the Kingdom Hearts series on it’s10th anniversary. And seeing that Kingdom Hearts III wont come in 2012, it makes me wonder what Nomura has in mind.

  • what the hell square?

    i guess kingdom hearts III for me is Versus XIII(Advent Children Cinematics + Kingdom Hearts Gameplay)

    shame no KH3 though i hope he changes his mind :\

  • Falsate

    A celebration with a bevy of ‘Re:’ and ‘Re:Re:’ titled games, perhaps.