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Final Fantasy Versus XIII TGS trailer leaked
posted on 09.17.10 at 08:46 AM EST by (@salromano)

Finally. Someone’s gone ahead and leaked the Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Agito XIII trailers currently being shown at the Square Enix booth at the Tokyo Game Show.

In the small gameplay clip for Versus XIII, we see Noctis running around an open wasteland; we see him passing by broken streets and gas stations. At one point, he jumps off a high clliff to land on the ground.

Square Enix follows it up with a small tease at the behemoth fight — which looks incredibly smooth, if I might say.

There’s no stream for it. Instead, hit the direct download links below.

Final Fantasy Versus XIIIMegaupload
Final Fantasy Agito XIIIMegaupload
Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Agito XIII with no-install FLV playerMegaupload

Thanks, GAF.

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  • Crimsonskye

    I thought this would never come out.

  • I’ve added a third download link. It includes both gameplay videos and an FLV player exe that doesn’t require an install.

  • Looks brillaint! Thanks for sharing, i was trying for ages last night to find this, but had no success!

  • MrSound

    it looks cool but
    y in the hell they only give just a 1 minute trailer ???

    • Because t hey’re holding an entire press conference for the two games on January 11.

  • FinalFantasy_fangirl

    It looks awesome! Can’t wait til the FNC event.

    • I hear you.

      Luckily we’ll have an earlier RPG reveal the month before on December 16 — which is when the countdown timer on the Next Tales of PS3 website ends.

  • AiQi

    Great news. Now let’s grab those trailers…

  • help i can’t access the file for now since it’s temporary unavailable.

    can anyone upload it to media fire pleaaassse.

    i need to see this trailer :)

    thx alot ^^

    • If your having trouble (it was working for me when I downloaded earlier), you can also watch the Vs XIII footage on YouTube.

      Fellow SCRAWL user zerolegacy0 shared this link last night:

      It’s pretty snazzy stuff, you can tell even from the off screen footage that it’s graphically wonderful, and the darker setting is sure to impress. Looks exactly like what I want a FF to be like – but Im not going to overhype myself just yet!

    • thx so much :D

    • If you’re still looking for the downloads, the last link with both combined and the flash player works. It’s not a big file at all, either. I think it’s like 10mb.

  • has anyone seen the supposed “leak” characters for dissidia duodecim?

    here’s the link for those who want to see it .

    we need zack, vincent, fang,snow and noctis :D

  • Falsate

    Not everyone is surprised or blown away by a ‘darker’ setting; namely the strict sense of grey and brown palettes.

  • zerolegacy0

    You’re all very welcome. I mean come on it’s been 4 years since they announced the game they could have a least shown us a 30 second trailer right?

    Although I wasn’t the one who uploaded it to youtube, I found that video right after S.E. removed the original.
    Epic games are epic after all.

  • AdamBoy64

    You’ll have to bear with me on this question – what’s the general difference between the ‘versus’ and regular FF games.. Like obviously they are different games. Are they set in the same environment, but versus is just more free-roaming? Is it less based on a strict-storyline and further action-based?

    Asked around a bit but never really got a clear answer.

    • Hyuver

      They say the world both game took place is not the same but it share the same crystal mythology.

      It’s not clear what they meant by that since beside the main FF13 the other games still haven’t been released yet.

    • Are you speaking of the Fabula Nova Crystallis series of titles or all Final Fantasy titles in general?

      The relation between Fabula Nova Crystallis titles (XIII, Versus XIII, and Agito XIII) is that they’re “ultimately based on and expand upon a common mythos.” The only connection between each is a “vague crystal theme”. They most likely take place in different worlds, time periods, all of that. [Wikipedia]

      If you mean Final Fantasy games in general, each Final Fantasy game has a different story and world. For example, FFVII has no relation to FFVII and FFVII has no relation to FFIX — besides the fact that they’re all role-playing games. Some games have different battle systems than others but they’re all ultimately turn-based. Final Fantasy Versus XIII, on the other hand, uses a Kingdom Hearts-like battle system — but is much more improved upon.

  • salisdedicated

    That looks pretty nice. Not exactly as impressive as the MGS rising trailer but hell, it’s a leak so we should be grateful for anything. Anyone looking for a working link? The following one worked as of the time of this posting: