Disgaea 4 revealed at TGS - Gematsu
Disgaea 4 revealed at TGS
posted on 09.17.10 at 09:00 AM EST by (@salromano)

Nippon Ichi Software have officially lifted the lid on Disgaea 4 at the Tokyo Game Show. A trailer was released after the game’s reveal event late last night, revealing higher-res sprites and a February 24 release date for Japan.

Disgaea 4‘s protagonist is a new vampire character named Valbatose, who’s leading an uprising in the Netherworld. Not too much is known about his story at the moment, so stay tuned for more details on that another time. The trailer also mentions new gameplay features, such as a political system and online play, for the sequel.

View the trailer below:

The game’s official site is scheduled to launch on October 7. We’ll likely further detail then.

Thanks, Andriasang.

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  • Aldridge517

    This is cool and all but when are they gonna make a proper rpg out of this series. I love Disgaea but the games just don’t impress me. I want something 3D that stands out graphic wise as something to keep a look out for.

    A Disgaea game that catches peoples eye like a new Final Fantasy project or a re-imagining of the series. Like Castlevania or Dragon Quest or Street fighter or something. They’ve been making the same style game for as long as I can remember, eventually they’ve got to try and innovate the series somehow.

    • AiQi

      This probably won’t happen. I think that Disgaea will always be this manga-style series. It’s still fun though, like in old-school jRPG games, and probably that’s why so many players love it.

  • RolePlayingGames

    Disgaea is a very different kind of TRPG, I would not want to take this series to a proper RPG because it already is a proper RPG. Tactical RPGs might not have what other RPGs have like exploration but you still put the same amount of hours in as you would a traditional RPG and maybe even more, Man when Disgaea Hour of Darkness came out i seriously can not recall how many hours i put into it but i will say alot of time was spent and alot of loss of sleep.

    The released Disgaea Infinite and i thought it was another new Disgaea but it’s like a novel with multiple endings, you play as a Prinny lol. I don’t know too much about the game but I probly won’t buy it because i prefer the true Disgaea gameplay.

  • RolePlayingGames

    Disgaea 4 will have online play, that will be interesting and a new adition to the series.