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Atelier Rorona Caption Contest Giveaway
posted on 09.21.10 at 03:34 PM EST by (@salromano)

After its late 2009 release in Japan, NIS America is finally bringing Gust role-playing game Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland to PlayStation 3s in the west. Celebrating the game’s upcoming release, we’ve partnered with NIS America to launch a giveaway contest for the game.

I know what you’re thinking: “But Sal, how do I enter such a giveaway?” It’s simple. We didn’t want to make this too difficult a task for those who really want to win the game, so all we require you to do is:

1) Register for a free user name which will allow you to comment on our articles.
2) Log-in using your account details.
3) Leave a comment on this post containing a humorous caption for the image below.

That’s about it. Considering the game launches nine days from today, we’ll end the contest on September 28. Try not to leave any inappropriate comments as we will be moderating your responses.

The contest is open to everyone. NIS has said they’ll ship to the US, Europe, Canada, and basically anywhere that doesn’t have some cruel law against contests and giveaways.

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  • Yuri4prez

    “Mmmm……Golden Dougnut…..”

    • Yuri4prez

      I meant Doughnut lol!

  • DeVitowned

    “I put laxatives in the cream filling! That’ll be the last time you ever use ‘dumb blonde’ joke!”

    • DeVitowned

      WordPress didn’t post my comment in entirety. it was supposed to read:

      [The twins, out of curiosity and a bit of the sweet tooth, took a bite of the decadent pastry found conveniently abandoned on the table, when suddenly, mischievous laughter echoed from behind a pillar across the room.]
      “I put laxatives in the cream filling! That’ll be the last time you ever use a ‘dumb blonde’ joke!

  • “Funny; I thought only fish and chips came in a newspaper sheet.”

  • AiQi

    Since there is only one ring to rule them all, and god knows why – it happens to be on the table. While those two are discussing who should take it to Mount Rorona ( to destroy it of course, not to make it shiny and their own… ), the gollumish girl whispers to herself lurking :

    “Give us the precious!!”

    from behind the column ;-)

  • Graymanjames

    whoa crazy stalker chick

  • matthewn4444

    Rorona: “I have a feeling that I am being followed….”

    Librarian: “Nah.”

    Cordelia: “Heeheeheehee.”

  • narutomaki

    Cordelia: TOASTY!!

  • zingodude

    “Rorona-chan, my friend wants to make love potion with you but too shy to ask. Here is a yellow mochi present made just for you. Can you please sign autograph for my friend?”

  • Rorona: Hello im trying to find Tales of Vesperia on PS3 in the town but i cant find a single copy, what happen do you know?

    Hotel Host: Oh so you’re new on the US?

  • Rorona: Hello im trying to find Tales of Vesperia on PS3 in the town but i cant find a single copy, what happen do you know?

    Hotel Hostess: Oh so you’re new on the US?

    Cordelia: WTF!!!

  • zakou

    Rorona: I…have something to tell …you

    Hotel Host: Ye….s? *blush* wha… what it is?

    Rorona: This girl…thats hiding, she’s…in love with you!


  • robert18

    Rorona: Look, how cute is the object I just synthesize.

    Librarian: Nice, I’ll use it as a paperweight.

    Rorona: Ehhhh

  • TetsuyaHikari

    Rorona: you have any books abo–what’s with those clothes?! I’ll make you some better ones right away!

    Clerk: No..that’s not really necessary. *whispers to herself* Poor girl..I bet that ugly hat of hers was a failed experiment and she has to wear it to remind her of her mistakes. I don’t want to wear something like that…

    Cordelia: Is she talking about…clothes? *steps out from behind the pillar* Would you just hurry up and get the book already?!

    Rorona: …..

    Clerk: …..sign here please

    Rorona: Hahaha….*sigh*

  • Rydak

    Rorona: Ummm… do you carry any books?

    Librarian: ……..

    Cordelia: Ugh… you’ve truly outdone yourself.

  • zerout

    Rorona: Hi, I’d like to check out the book “Alchemy for Idiots”.

    Librarian: Here you go, our last copy.

    Cordelia: Darn it!

  • moshimoshi

    Rorona: (why does she keep staring at me like that? It’s so creepy…)

    Hostess: (I already explained the situation, why isn’t she signing the stupid paper?! I hope she signs it and explodes explodes explodes explodes explodes ooh or maybe I’ll just tackle her and feed her to hmm feed her to who? So many choices. And then I’ll just steal the ring and run.)

    Rorona: (why is she grinning…)

    Cordelia: “I sense something’s amiss. I hope the hostess isn’t going all bipolar again. Okay Cordelia happy thoughts happy thoughts, think of marshmallows and rainbows and Luke Skywalker…”

  • Petah_Parkah

    This game ain’t big enough for two loli’s.

  • finalheart9323

    Rorona: Please help that girl won’t stop following me!

    Hostess: Don’t worry i have pepper spray.

    Cordelia: Are they talking about me?

  • maverick007mtt

    David Attenborough: The mysterious “the twin tale tsudere” is silently watching over her prey, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

  • Dragun619

    Rorona: (^-‘.’)

    Hotel Hostess: (‘.’-^)

    Cordelia: >=D

    Rorona: (>’_’)>O

    Hotel Hostess: <(^_^<)

    Rorona: (^_^) *Smiles*

    Cordelia: ( T ^ T )

  • drachenmeister

    Cordelia: You were supposed to take ten paces *before* turning around!

  • Wizzle123

    Rorona: …

    Hostess: …

    Cordelia: It’s been 2 hours now! At least say SOMETHING! Gahhhhh!!!

  • Kain81

    Rorona: psst psst
    Librarian: Are you Talking to me
    Rorona: psst not so loud
    Librarian: why?
    Rorona: I have something for ya
    Librarian: And what is it?
    Rorona: PSST not so loud…its a letter
    Librarian: A letter?
    Rorana: Yes, a letter from that girl there…she is a little bit shy.
    Librarian: Oh sorry iam not that kind of Woman…
    Rorona: What kind of Woman?
    Librarian: i mean the letter, i cant take it
    Rorona: Why is that?
    Librarian: i cant take a LOVEletter from a GIRL
    Rorona: Loveletter…this is NOT A LOVELETTER
    What are you thinking of Cordelia?
    Librarian: Oh sorry i though….nevermind can i get the letter
    Cornelias letter: Dear Librarian, i have burnd almost all my lent books
    about Alchemy…sorry for that, but it was not my foult, it
    was the girl, that gave you the letter.
    Sorry for that
    thanfully Cordelia
    Librarian: You owe us 100$?
    Rorona: WHAAAT?

  • Tmillyo88

    Rorona: I’d like to register for a Library card!!
    Librarian: Not so loud please. This IS a library. I swear if I have to tell one more person that. Very well, just sign your name here and…
    Cordelia: Heeeyyy Guuuyyyss! WAAAAZZZUUP!!

  • Rorona: So… I like your hair… ;)

    Librarian: Thanks, I like your… … hat…? O_O

    Rorona: Ahhh, really!?!? That’s so nice! =3
    Most people say I look like a multi-colour mushroom with a loli attached. :(

    Librarian: Eheheheh… (man they’re right) NOOOOO it looks great, at least on you it does. :)

    Rorona: Wait… what was that? )_)

    Librarian: Hmm? I said it looks good on you! :)

    Rorona: No, before that. )_)

    Librarian: Uhhm, I’m sure I don’t remember saying anything else… :)

    Rorona: Well I’m pretty sure I heard you say som…

    Cordelia: AARRRGHH FOR THE LOVE OF SPICY CHICKEN WOMAN!!!! Your hat looks STUPID. I think so, she thinks so, and anyone, ANYONE with ANY TASTE would AGREEEEEE!!!!!!!! And if you even THINK about trying to argue, I’ll come over there and so help me I’ll slap that stupid hat off your head once and for all AND MAKE YOU EAT IT LIKE THE FREAKIN’ MUSHROOM IT IS!!!!! =_=

    Librarian: *gulp* … PMS? O_o

    Rorona: No, her names Cordelia… )_)

    Cordelia: I HEARD THAT! <_<

  • prinnydood

    Can you direct me to a book on raising a Prinny?

    I’m sorry, prinnies do not exist.

    Eeeeehhhhhhh?! I thought this game was being put out by Nippon Ichi, it has to have at least one prinny.

    The only published it, they didn’t make it.

    I’ll just have to use alchemy to make one….let’s see, I’ll need a penguin suit, something for stuffing, a fanny pack and a bad soul. This will be awesome!

  • Adam Hunter

    I’m obviously exempt from this competition, and therefore my entry is simply for ‘funzies’.

    Girl behind pillar: ‘My preciousssssss…’

  • AttorneyAtMusic

    “Do you have any books about preventing eavesdroppers?”

  • BizarreJelly
  • Yuveria

    “Don’t look .. at me..”

  • Regreto

    playing hide and seek from yesterday

  • Yuri4prez

    I’m sorry Miss Rorona, but is seems you cannot check out any more books until you bring back “The Book of Kama Sutra”

    …………Funny. The check-out card says “Cordelia”.

  • AkitoHoshino

    Task: Take the Dounat in the Library.

    Rorona: Can I get this Dounat?

    NPC: Welcome, choose some book.

    Rorona: Yeah can I????

    NPC: Welcome, choose some book.

    Rorona: I need this Dounat! Please….

    NPC: Welcome, choose some book.

    ….. …..

    Hidden Girl: Man… this is some annoying buck.

  • AkitoHoshino

    Task: Take the Dounat in the Library.

    Rorona: Can I get this Dounat?

    NPC: Welcome, choose some book.

    Rorona: Yeah can I????

    NPC: Welcome, choose some book.

    Rorona: I need this Dounat! Please….

    NPC: Welcome, choose some book.

    ….. …..

    Hidden Girl: Man… this is some annoying development buck.

  • uRex

    NPC: Why do people feel?

    Rorona: Wynaut?

  • androvsky

    Oh, sorry, I’m just looking for a certain blonde girl in a blue dress who just happens to owe me a banana cream pie, a new saddle, and a repaired coffee table. You really don’t want to know why.

  • stevie88

    NPC: Did you know there’s something watching you from behind the pillar?

    Rorona: Yeah… she follows me everywhere. It’s best to just pretend she’s not there. Did my order come in?

  • Savyor

    Many years later…
    “…And that, my dear, is how mommy and mommy and mommy first met.”

  • Archangel768

    Rorono ‘Thought’ “How can I tell her we’re being watched without making it obvious? I got an idea. This has gotta work.”

    Rorono: “Can you make out what it says in the book?”

    (both lean over the table to look at the book.)

    Rorono: ‘Whisper’ “Whatever you do, don’t look but, there’s a girl spying on us from behind the column.”

    Librarian: ‘Looks over at the column’ “What girl? Where?”

    Rorono: ‘Facial expression’ – _ – Then changes to ‘Facepalm’
    ‘Thought’ “fail…..”

  • Wizzle123

    Rorona: Yo!
    Hostess: What’s up brah
    Cordelia: What the flying hell?

  • pixelacious

    The pastry conspiracy thickens!

  • SaturnineTenshi

    Hearken, nameless and altogether insignificant keeper of tomes and juvenile novels detailing the adventures of adolescent males in boxcars! Rorona, troubadour and neophyte alchemist has arrived. Surely, you are asking yourself “To what do I owe the presence of such an urbane and pleasant woman?” Well, it certainly isn’t the pedestrian dress that the woman at Vesper Inn is also wearing. And the sundry keep. And townswomen d through k.

    Pardon my tangent. Today, I serve as the messenger of love — pure and immutable. My master, the lovely Cordelia, has sent me to convey feelings which she cannot. She adores you, inconsequential trollop. I can attest to this, because every eve as I tuck her in and tell her of the boxcar boys, she expresses with great vehemence how dearly she wants to be yours.

    Alas, she has an allergy to your types that no panacea can succor. The pestilent stench of your unwashed hair, emanating even now. When was the last time you left this wretched pit? The way you are incapable of conversation beyond pithy and oft base chatter. Yes, knaves like yourself cause her throat to swell to gargantuan size.

    It is sad; her ardor can not be quenched. I have concocted many a virulent brew for her to quaff in hopes of making her hale once more. So I present to you an engagement ring. You are to be married, and you will spend your lives yelling from afar and blowing gossamer kisses into passing zephyrs.

    Asking? Of course not. Do you see the size of this ring? It was her mother’s. A malevolent troll, that one. Not metaphorically. The misses’ mother is a mountain troll. Ugly one, you do not cross mountain trolls.

  • Real42

    Rorona: You want to have a staring contest?

    Librarian: Allright. Ready….Go!

    Cordelia: You and me donut!

  • DMPrince

    “If we stand here long enough maybe she’ll leave”

    “If I stand here long enough maybe they’ll move”

  • arkSky

    Rorona: “Hello how are you?”

    Girl to the right: “Are you afraid?”

    Rorona: “Of what?”

    Girl to the right: “Are you afraid of me… FIRING MY LAZAR! ”

    Girl at the back: “O no, I am too late…”
    o O
    \ \ \
    Girl to the right: BLLAAAAAAARRGH!! |
    / /_/

  • UltimateMegaHero

    Rorona: Um, excuse me but I’m looking for some books for research can you help me find them?

    NPC: Sure what subject are you researching?

    Rorona: Ehem, how to protect yourself from a stalker.

    Cordelia: …….Stalker???

  • cloudcomputing

    NPC: How may I help you?

    Rorona: Can I have a book that teaches the super awesome forbidden hidden magic technique?

    NPC: Sure this is it. *Looks at book on table*

    Cordelia: That spell is OVER NINE THOUSAND!!!!

  • Great entries from everyone so far. Just a reminder for those waiting to participate: the contest closes at Midnight EST tonight. Currently, it’s nearly 7am EST which means that there’s around 17 hours left until the contests closes.

  • Shin_Ares

    NPC: This … Well, I can help lady.

    Roron: Wait, wait … just a bit more than I have it almost in the language.

    NPC: You may have noticed? Maybe you should call security … (Think)

    Stalker: That will be talking about? … Maybe you may want to get more.

    NPC: Miss, that is for today if it could be …* Displays a nervous smile * It had to happen now that I have to close nearly … Damn stalker!

  • DrAndonuts

    Cordelia: Soon.

  • milramyah

    peek a boo!

  • chickensoup

    Rorona: “One room please.”

    NPC: “This is not the inn.”

    Rorona: “One donut please.”

    NPC: “That’s my breakfast!”

    Cordelia: “Honestly, she can’t do anything without me.”

  • talkingfish

    My shy friend over there is asking where she can abuse a Prinny.

    Sorry wrong game.

  • finalfantasy2000



  • tallgamer

    NPC: Hello little girl, how may I help you?

    Rorona: I am not a little girl! I am almost 17 when this is released in English!

  • halloween_boy_31

    Even the “Bed Intruder Song” works here as well!!

  • Orison

    Rorona: I’m here to pick up my copy of “The Quintessential Guide to Potions, Poisons, and Panacea.”

    Shopkeeper: Certainly! As an exclusive bonus for our preferred customers, you have been upgraded to the collector’s edition with Herb Gatherer’s Map and an Official Alchemists’ Association Membership Token.

    Rorona: Wow, that’s fantastic! Is this it?

    Shopkeeper: ?! No, that’s my morning bagel.

    Cordelia: GAH!! I knew I should have pre-ordered!!

  • Zidane15

    Cordelia: Hey Rorena.

    Rorona: It’s Rorona, and why are you hideing?

    Cordelia: Thinking of a way to pran- (wait a minute i can get rorona to hand it to her)

    Rorona: Huh?

    Cordelia: Um.. I need you to do me a favor, I want you to give the librarian this present I got for her. :)

    Rorona: No, sorry but i have to study on my alchemy.

    Cordelia: Pleeeasse Rorena. (looks at her with puppy dog eyes)

    Rorona: No Cordelia. (about to walk off)

    Cordelia: (grabs rorona’s leg)

    Rorona: Hey let go of my leg! (Struggles to get leg free)

    Cordelia: Pleeeaasssee, (tears coming down her eyes) you’re the only one that I can trust to give it to her and… im a bit shy because she always helps me out with my alchemy study’s and I wanted to get her something speacil…

    Rorona: (sigh) alright, alright ill do it…

    Cordelia: YAY! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you rorena. XD (Heheh worked like a charm)

    Rorona: (walks over to the librarian) um.. excuse me.

    librarian: Yes how can I help you Ms. Rorona?

    Rorona: Um.. This present is for you.

    librarian: For me? Thanks your so sweet.

    Cordelia: (Hehehe)

    librarian: (opens up the box) ……… What is this?

    Rorona: (OMG… It’s a freaking small cactus danceing on top of a donut)

    Cordelia: Hahahahahahaha!!! (The more it dances the bigger it will get! Lets see how she likes dodgeing 1000 needles)

    Darn it its already 12:00…… oh well

  • Spaced Oddity

    Rorona: One ring to rule them all…

    Librarian: …one ring to find them..

    Cordelia: Cordelia mussst have preciousss!

  • Midori

    Rorona: Umm I need a copy of Alchemy for Dummies for my friend.

    Merchant: Your friend huh? *snicker* Suuure

    Cordelia: pssst! Rorona see about the fancy donut tooo! I’m staaaarving!

    Rorona : *Sigh*

  • Contest is over guys. I see we did have a few entries after the Midnight EST deadline — we’ll make an exception and accept those entries since there were only a few.

    We’ll have the winners up within the next day or so. Stay tuned!