Square: BioWare, Bethesda "virtually unknown" in Japan - Gematsu
Square: BioWare, Bethesda “virtually unknown” in Japan
posted on 08.19.10 at 03:36 PM EST by (@salromano)

Final Fantasy XIV director Nobuaki Komoto has expressed his concern that, while the two developers make excellent games, BioWare and Bethesda’s games are “virtually unknown” in Japan.

“Although I do think both developers are creating great games, unfortunately, both [BioWare and Bethesda] are so far virtually unknown to the mass public in Japan and the sales are quite disastrous, too,” Komoto told NowGamer during Gamescom. “They only seem to cater for a handful of core gamers.”

BioWare has shared their opinion on Square Enix’s games in the past, as well – albeit, not as friendly as Komoto did today.

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  • Falsate

    And of course, Komoto is right on the money. While the quality of a Final Fantasy game is completely left up for question, their sales and fans overseas are both undeniably strong.

  • narutomaki

    Well of course they’re unknown. Bioware made Xbox games which was dead in Japan and they made some 360 games which is also pretty dead in Japan. They they expect people to know about them, when a lot of them haven’t play their games

  • AdamBoy64

    It’s funny, and it’s quite a mature response to what Bioware’s been hitting them with for so long. I think I just gained more respect for Square-Enix.