Fable III opening cinematic stars crazy chicken - Gematsu
Fable III opening cinematic stars crazy chicken
posted on 08.04.10 at 04:10 PM EST by (@salromano)

Allow me to call myself out on that one. I don’t truly know if this chicken is crazy. It might be the sanest chicken ever created – hell if I know. All I know is that it looks crazy. So watch its plight during the opening cinematic scene of Fable III. It’ll sure help you see Albion in a different perspective.

Fable III is out for Xbox 360 on October 26, 2010. The game’s PC release date is still TBA.

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  • denero1

    i wanted the chicken to make it :(

  • LOL this is brilliant!

  • AiQi

    Poor chicken – but the intro is great. Im definitely getting this game. Both Fable 1 & 2 were great – and it seems like this one will live up to it as well.