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Deus Ex: Human Revolution gameplay debuts
posted on 08.13.10 at 11:58 AM EST by (@salromano)

If cinematic trailers and still images aren’t your fancy, then it’s likely you’ve probably been waiting for Square Enix to finally release gameplay footage of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Well, released it has.

As a part of their Gamescom showing, Square Enix has sent out the first gameplay of the upcoming Eidos Montreal FPS/RPG. It’s basically everything we saw behind closed doors at E3, but shortened from a twenty-minute presentation to a two-minute trailer.


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  • Now that was one damn good trailer! This game looks so good, I can’t possibly see how I could fail to like it. I wonder how early this “early 2011” date is!

  • This one look great, tezchi i though this early means febreuary or so.


    This looks ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. I love anything Blade Runner-esque. My most anticipated western title..

  • DeVitowned

    Hey Sal,
    Just now signed up, so this is my first post. First, I’d like to say congratulations on your gaming blog. I’ve been a lurker/visitor since the first version of your site. I find your gathering of articles informative and, knock on wood, hope this remains a bastion free from the growing fanboy plague you can find elsewhere.
    Secondly, to be on topic here, I think Deus Ex: Human Revolution is looking amazing. I hope the game keeps true to the Warren Spector original vision for the franchise, while at the same time finding ways to revolutionize the first-person genre. I love the mixture of secret society conspiracies and cyberpunk dystopian future.