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Jaffe reveals tons of new Twisted Metal details
posted on 07.06.10 at 09:23 AM EST by (@salromano)

Eat Sleep Play co-founder David Jaffe has revealed a batch of new details about his upcoming PlayStation 3 game Twisted Metal through a series of Twitter updates last night.

While E3’s Twisted Metal demo was a bit underwhelming on vehicle destruction, Jaffe assures that the plan is to “toss debris and flip cars when a big ram occurs” in the final game. He does confirm that they’ve not gotten to that point in development yet, though.

There will be four playable factions in the game.

  • The Clowns – Sweet Tooth Followers
  • The Dolls – Dollface Followers
  • The Holy Men – Preacher Disciples
  • The Skulls – Grimm Followers

Each car will be driven by one of the four chosen faction drivers/gunners, according to Jaffe. There are sixteen vehicles you can choose to battle in. Jaffe says that “since [Eat Sleep Play] had so many other things to do, building 32 characters was probably not the best way to spend resources.” Each time a player dies, they can choose a new vehicle upon respawning.

Jaffe says that “The stories and world and characters are VERY important to us. BUT the bread and butter is MP so made more sense to put much effort into the levels and design and modes and balance vs. tons of time making more and more factions that really don’t affect play at all. And individual characters would not work in Team modes for us (i.e. factions easy to distinguish which team is which).”

We will learn “a bit more” about Calypso in this game. Jaffe warns that he’s still a “‘be careful what you wish for’ kind of prick”, but is “not Twisted Metal: Black Calypso at all.”

For those who miss the old days of Twisted Metal sitting in your living room playing your family on the PSone, Jaffe affirms that local multiplayer “will be a very strong aspect of the new Twisted Metal.” He promises the team “would never abandon it”, as it is “a KEY aspect of any Twisted Metal game”.

Finally, Jaffe’s said that new characters and vehicles will be revealed “as the year goes on.”

Twisted Metal is due out on PS3 in 2011.

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